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why am i becoming so mean? I am really confused, I do not understand that why over the past four years I have become so mean. I am 25 years of age and married with two children, my personalty seems to have changed since being preganant with my first child I am a considerate paerson I love and care for everyone around me and I love being a mother but I just do not understand that why I am so snappy at people around me espescialy my husband who is really nice guy and to my mother in law whom actually is the worlds best mother in law and I love her to bits but I am so mean to her. I feel so bad that this makes me even snap more at them I feel like a bully. I do find it physically draining with two kids but I go to Italy every year for two months where I just relax and do what I always want which is normally sleep or surf the net while my in laws really take care of my kids because they feel I need a break, I never met people genuine so loving but still after all this I am so mean. I want to really understand could it really be a deficiancy of some sort. please help?
You may want to think about seeing a therapist. Depression can make people feel irritated and snappy, even if you don't feel sad. I don't think you have a personality disorder.
I agree, you should see some kind of therapist. You don't mention how old your kids are, but postpartum depression can last quite a while. Enjoy Italy!! Good luck to you...
Yes I agree on the therapy. Could be cognitive distortions or something that is causing depression, or just depression. I hope the best for you!

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