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Re: BPD And Me ...
Jan 24, 2010
Hi I too have BPD and it is hard to deal with since it feels like it is everyone else who has a problem. Our perception is off and we are very sensitive to rejection. Its hard.

I was diagnosed with C-PTSD in February this year. After reading up and learning alot about this condition I soon realised that this wasn't the full story. 5 weeks ago I fell very ill and ended up being sent to the hospital where I saw a Clinical Psychiatrist. He diagnosed me with Borderline Personality Disorder with C-PTSD and placed me on new medication.

I have found it very hard to live with this for months and months. My doctor says that from looking at my medical records I have lived with this since I was 12 and due to mis-diagnoses from my previous doctors has been left untreated and thus has gotten out of control.

I am frightened that this condition is going to come between me and my current boyfriend. He says he understands and can deal with it but he seems to come accross to me as upset, distraught and somewhat conserned. Me and my boyfriend go way back to us being 15, we have been best friends for 10 years before we got together and nearly 2 years ago he rescued me from my abusive boyfriend (I was with at that time and had been for 8 years) I was informed that people with BPD find it hard to have personel relationships - Is my relationship with my boyfriend doomed? How can I make him see and understand this condition better? Does anyone else have any issues with their partners?

Any advice would be great guys thanks :)[/QUOTE]

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