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I am a 28yr old, single mum to two adorable kids. (age 4 and 6) I was neglected as a child and 3 days ago i recieved the diagnosis that i have BPD and now i'm terrified. 99% of the information i have read seems to condemn BPD sufferers, especially in the way of being a parent. @ the minute it very much wish i'd never been diagnosed. I have, over the years, managed to control my outbursts when around other people, including my children although i could never manage it with partners. I tell my kids every day that i love them, but the statics scare me and due to the nature of the disorder, i am now questioning whether i am deluding myself in regards to my kids so far. I am currently studying to become a psychtherapist myself and dont know if this will impede my success. I have so many questions, no answers and no one i trust enough to confide in. Is there anyone out there that has some positive advice or information?? Please!
I don't believe it is a life sentence. Do you take any medications to help with moods and such? If not you should try. I have found that they really help me. I have a 5 month old and I love her more than anything. I believe I am already a great mother.

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