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... It's ugly, nasty, wet, rainy and cold and everything I ws going to do today, forgetaboutit. I'm even still sitting in my pj's. They're warm and cozy. ... (91 replies)
... top of what I've already done from the first highlighting kit. I don't want to burn my's already very short. If I burn it, I'll have to shave my head and won't that be a sight? ... (91 replies)
... rary job, hopefully it will be at least 3 weeks long or more, I will have enough money to MOVE out of my Dad's house. Luckily this little town has cheaper places and I am paying 130 a month just for storage of all my stuff. I am getting excited about this and that is the key for me. ... (21 replies)

... People will judge, and they will disapprove. No matter how hard, and how many ways you try to explain, they will never understand. Don't even expect them to. ... (91 replies)
... when I explode in anger, it is never dirested towards anyone other than myself, but if anyone is present it still affects them. When I was younger, I put my hand and feet through soooooo many mirrors, walls doors, etc for any reason. I once threw a chair through a mirror because my hair wouldn't style right. ... (6 replies)
... time that you feel out of control. Write everything down as it comes it your mind, even if it seems trivial or silly, write it down, get the feelings onto paper and out of your head. You can just buy a note book at a dollar store and write the date and time of each entry. ... (6 replies)
... hing I feel is normal. Because I feel like a little kid, I need to be taken care of, I need to be constantly reassured, I depend on people extraordinary amounts and am devistated if they ever hurt me. Not just hurt, devistated. ... (5 replies)
... I can relate. I'm 21 and live with my fiance, who I believe to be the most understanding and patient man in the world. ... (6 replies)
Compulsive lying
Dec 18, 2002
... i was diagnosed with BPD and everything i did from there on i blamed on my personality disorder and told my self i would have to stop doing that to get better but a lot of the stuff i did a lot of people do also people who are well. ... (2 replies)
... they change who they are because they're constantly worrying and monitoring their every move, thought, action, reaction, etc... ... (3 replies)
... judgmental the best you can, and accept the things you cannot change. ... (4 replies)
... I am 20 years old and have been feeling increasingly unstable since an abusive relationship when I was 16. ... (4 replies)
... I have the exact symptoms and I went to my therapist and pdr and told them so and they both just agreed, just like that. I had bought a biography about bpd, a suggestion from a very close friend, and every single page was me. It was shocking. ... (5 replies)
... Seems your family and my family have much in common. Both are not much to be too thankful about. But your husband sounds like a lovely fellow. ... (10 replies)
... ohicans. He may just be a Shell station on the Route 66 of life. After all, you're not sporting hardware like a walker or wheelchair to add to the attraction, and you don't have a third eye growing in the middle of your forehead, do you? ... (91 replies)
... Did you make a report to the police when your fish disappeared and the phone line was cut? ... (91 replies)
... mails, asking about "payment". He wanted to have coffee and cookies with bed. ... (91 replies)
... law though. It was my son's turn to have the girls for Christmas all day, but she called up and pitched a fit and insisted on having them over night Christmas eve. So he said, "If you're going to do that, then here is what they want from Santa. ... (91 replies)
Jun 2, 2004
... It would probably be a good idea to let your friends know about the difficulties you have with moods. Communication is a wonderful thing, and if they've stuck around this long, they deserve to know and they'll appreciate the gesture. ... (3 replies)
... you're a comic! I would hope that the general population might read that one book just so they can know a bit more than how BPD is portrayed by the media. i.e the absolute extreme end of the BPD continum. ... (13 replies)

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