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Weird Dreams
Apr 13, 2008
... Maybe it's a BPD thing....I don't know. But you aren't alone....... ... (3 replies)
... Karen, Jan's right. You have the ball...RUN. And do stay out of the malls. It's one of my weakness, too. I can't shop online either. Very BPD-pull myself out of a funk by over-spending behavior. Happy Easter! by the way. I hope you had a good day and spent some good time with your family. I'm going to try to call my family and see how everyone's doing this... (48 replies)
Tooooooo Much
Mar 16, 2008
... Hey Jan, You're right, ya is the BPD...and the constant of stress of my situation on all fronts. But I'm really hopeful that some answers will be forthcoming with this new doctor--that she'll be able to make a diagnosis and find a treatment for the physical problem and with that, perhaps the LTD can be revisited or, even better, I can become well enough to go... (30 replies)

... Hi Karen.... Don't listen to your Dad. Also, don't feel bad about lying. It wasn't a malicious lie, it was a self preservation the wife saying "Do I look fat in this?" Same deal. Job transitioning is tough for a NORMAL person. And you are wanting to relocate as well. You have a lot on your plate. Give yourself a little credit for dealing with the BPD, as... (48 replies)
... Hi Karen.... It's 4:00 in the morning here, and I should be in bed, so I'm gonna keep this short..... From what you said, the only thing that isn't NORMAL about how you're feeling, is the harming part. That is BPD. You're going through a lot, losing a job, and having to face a hostile family, are big miseries for anybody. Trust me, I know. Apply for LTD....the... (48 replies)
... orning I left work after basically getting fired, I had the thought that if I had a weapon, I would use it on myself!! Geez. I guess these days are normal for us bpd people, but I sure hope they come up with some new pill or shock treatment. I would try anything to help. ... (48 replies)
... Don't listen to your Dad, or whoever else decides to take shots at you. You are not a failure. Most people with BPD struggle with employment, and job performance. Look it up if you don't believe me. ... (48 replies)
Tooooooo Much
Mar 3, 2008
... ex. I'm letting the BPD out a little these days, to diffuse anger....and we're just talking about it....right? ... (30 replies)
... I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired. BPD is enough to deal with. I just want the pain to stop, but... Okay, I'm hurting worse because I cut back on my pain meds. ... (25 replies)
... our future is assured. We're just working on getting our attitudes to line up with our futures and when we get that down, then we've got it licked. I know that BPD does not mean beaten, pummeled and destroyed... ... (9 replies)
... Hi Houston...:angel: The meeting went well...we discussed my claim...and how we're going to approach it. We'll be doing some numbers juggling during negotiations, to figure out what's the best deal to take. You know what they say, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger....unfortunately, it's true.:( Sounds like you're a busy beaver....and that's the best way to be. ... (25 replies)
... Hi Houston.....:angel: I'm so sorry for what's happening....I do understand to a point. Can you ask the Insurance Company for an extension for the letters? If there's a No Contact Order, can you request that the Police be present, while his stuff is being packed up? Failing that, can your ex's attorney be present while the stuff is packed? (At his expense of course) (25 replies)
... s probably what I'd have been tempted to do were I in your shoes and the heat was up high. I did stuff like that when I was younger and the heat was up under my BPD burner. It just messed things and me up worse. ... (27 replies)
... n. But I'm a very forgiving person. I have to be. Afterall, I'm at least half if not more of the problem. I did pick these guys to get involved with and I am BPD so who knows who is yanking whose chain? ... (91 replies)
... Hi Lil, Well, I'm trying to muster up courage to color my hair today. I bought a champagne blonde, not ash but not golden either. I just want to turn down the red. My Irish is showing too much. I'm afraid to bleach out more color on top of what I've already done from the first highlighting kit. I don't want to burn my's already very short. If I burn it, I'll... (91 replies)
... Is it a BPD thing to always want to root for the underdog? ... (91 replies)
... Hi all, Thanks for the positive strokes!! I actually have a plan now..when I get through with this temporary job, hopefully it will be at least 3 weeks long or more, I will have enough money to MOVE out of my Dad's house. Luckily this little town has cheaper places and I am paying 130 a month just for storage of all my stuff. I am getting excited about this and that is the... (21 replies)
... I hope things are going well for all, as well as can be expected with this bpd life. ... (21 replies)
... Try to be kind to yourself, Karen. You've got a lot on your plate being BPD and with what all you've been through. ... (21 replies)
... OMG!!!:eek: This guy is a total NUT job!!! Obviously, you HAVE to MOVE! but, the other place would have called by now, don't you think? Why don't you call them? Then you can start looking again if you need to. I'm with you on the "no notice" idea. It would be nice to get your deposit back, but is it worth possibly risking your life or the rest of your possessions? ... (91 replies)

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