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... adulterers" the way I felt hurt. In the end though, after letting myself and my heart really take the information in, I realized I didn't want to leave her...I love her. She is confused and she is deeply troubled. I don't feel sorry for her, I want to help I stayed. ... (38 replies)
... life is terrible", "they don't love you right", "you are right in your actions".... ... (38 replies)
... Anyway, i know i should see a psych but i really cant afford it right now. So any docs or anyone with adivce id love to hear it. Thx. ... (4 replies)

... There you go HAHAH love the copy and paste button. My doctor thinks I could have BPD since a lot of these symptoms describe me but since I'm only 16 I cannot be diagnosed because my personality could change. I don't think it will tho. ... (15 replies)
... equal relationship but she keeps putting me on subordinate position. I know it does not matter as long as i know who i am, but it does affect my selp respect. I love her very much because we had been through so much together. I still want to protect her and comfort her. advice anyone? ... (4 replies)
What do I do now?
Jul 10, 2003
... I have thought that I've had BPD since I saw the movie and read the book, Girl, Interrupted. ... (5 replies)
Explaining BPD
Jun 30, 2003
... back and forth in as little as minutes. Also the person can only see people as all good or all bad no in between and can meet someone one day and fall madly in love within a very short period of time and then turn against them just as fast. ... (13 replies)
I am
Jun 10, 2003
... hiya ivy :wave: i haven't been about much recently and i kinda miss whats going on but i just wanted to offer you my support in this as BPD isn't a very nice label to be stuck with but im not even sure that anyone should be stuck with it as half the population could meet the criterier (sp) for this but dont let anyone ever... (4 replies)
... Do you love someone one day and then hate them the next? ... (1 replies)
... hi, i was diagnosed with bpd at 16, i am 29 now and have never been adequately treated. ... (1 replies)
Compulsive lying
Dec 18, 2002
... hiya and welcome to the boards :wave: it is very difficult sometimes to distinguish between what is normal and what classifies you as ill i was diagnosed with BPD and everything i did from there on i blamed on my personality disorder and told my self i would have to stop doing that to get better but a lot of the stuff i did a lot of people do also people who are well. so... (2 replies)
... hi from what i have read you sound quite similar to me with the relationship thing although i take it to the etream and shout at them and say really horrible things to get them to go away. it is possible that you have BPD but there are lots of other factors to be considered if you type borderline personality disorder into the serch bar it should come up with the exact... (2 replies)
... i think relatioships at the best of times are really diffcult and with BPD it just lakes the whole thing about ten times as bad i am so sorry what your ex did to you and i can completely understand how that can shetter your whole faith in relationships as it has also happened to me do you find although he is being really mean you find it hard to let go of what you had... (9 replies)
... katie i am so sorry you are having such a rough time i really do know what you mean when you have so much going on for you your head wont stop jumping from one thing to another and if you dont get it all sorted in that peicise minute you will just explode! it is horrible i try to say to myself if no-one is going to die if i dont get this done then its not that important and... (1 replies)
... i am not sure if it has to do with MPD but i also get the same thing and i am BPD i will leave my house and then the next thing i know i am somewhere i dont know without a clue on how to get back and i dont remember getting there its like i am trapped behind a screen in my head i know this probably isnt much help but i just thought i would relate to you. ... (4 replies)
Sep 13, 2002
... My old doctor said she thought I had BPD but never really said much on it afterwards, so I had to research it for myself, and everything I've seen describes me. ... (23 replies)
Sep 13, 2002
... Blue, I've just had another thought. I did an on line test for personality disorders, and I did come up quite high for BPD, although I was at the time reading some of the messages on another bb, and a lot of the people there who had depression scored high for borderline disorder, avoidant disorder, dependent disorder, and probably some others... I have also read that the... (23 replies)
Sep 13, 2002
... Hi Blue, I'm sorry that you're struggling :( I haven't been diagnosed with BPD although I think that I might have sometimes exhibited some of the behaviours when I have been very distressed (sorry about the technical words... I'm not sure how best to express this...) Do post back if you want to, and I will try to help. I will be around off and on for a while... ... (23 replies)

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