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... n't received an email from him in over a month, and I can only assume that he has moved on, I'm confused because the very last email he sent me was essentially a love letter, he didn't even give me a sign that he had lost interest, he just dissapeared. ... (7 replies)
... If not you should try. I have found that they really help me. I have a 5 month old and I love her more than anything. I believe I am already a great mother. ... (3 replies)
... What would life be without the love and support from those whom bring meaning to our lives? ... (3 replies)

... Agreed. You are obviously concerned about this situation. I would have to say that you need just as much space from him as he has clearly needed from you. NEVER - take that personally. If people need space from you, it could be for many reasons. Of course we'll never know the true extent of what led him to want that space from you, but people who set boundaries assert... (2 replies)
... Hey Matt, you should be proud of yourself for searching external avenues for answers. It is good to know that you're looking out for your ex girlfriend, it is clear that you are capable of remaining true genuine friends even after she has neglected you the way you say she did. I would have to agree that she has Borderline Personality Disorder. I would also agree that she... (4 replies)
... Hello, I am 20 years old and have been feeling increasingly unstable since an abusive relationship when I was 16. For over 6 months now I have thought that I possibly had Borderline Personality Disorder. I have been diagnosed with depression after being taken to hospital for having complete break downs. Every doctor I see doesn't seem to listen to me or care what I am saying,... (4 replies)
BPD Treatment DBT?
Apr 25, 2010
... I'd love to discuss the treatment and see if we can help each other, share tips etc.... ... (27 replies)
BPD Treatment DBT?
Apr 14, 2010
... I was diagnosed and then just nothing but meds. My therapist just doesn't seem to get what I'm saying. He's busy working on my self love and addictions. ... (27 replies)
... That would explain why she doesn't believe you when you say I love you, her mind probably won't let her trust you. ... (4 replies)
... I have both conditions you have. I am fearful of getting into a relationship as I am sure to fail. I think if you continue to be honest with this man and perhaps bring him with to counseling, you might have some help with your therapist? I want a man to love, but fear screwing it up, so I push people away. Good luck. (2 replies)
... Hi. You have to get that under control or it will negatively affect your futute relationships and happiness. Try talking to a psychologist and know that ultimately you WILL be able to find the strength to do whats best for you and those you love. Peace. (2 replies)
... Karen, You're a good Mom and Grandma. You want to take away all the hurts and make them better. You were right to tell him to go pick up the van or leave them alone. He was putting undue stress on her to pay when she's not in possition to do so, but the kids need to know that he might do just that and you shouldn't have to bail them out either. You're not working right... (1 replies)
... Hi Karen.... I think that the show will take your letter seriously, I would think that the problem would be very stiff competition...I think he gets lots of letters. I know that it's awful just standing by, and watching what's going on. It happens to me as well....with my friends, and their kids. Unfortunately, Grandparents, and friends don't really have much of a say.... (9 replies)
... Hi Karen..... Your daughter-in-law can go to a hundred mental health facilities, but unless she's willing to accept a diagnosis, nothing will ever change. People want help, all the time, but they aren't willing to admit that they are part of the problem. It's always the "other guy". Sad, but true. I have no idea if this could even be a consideration or not....have... (9 replies)
... Yes I did send it before I wrote that on here. I think it sounds too unbelievable to be true, but it is ALL true and then some. I hope that he does respond or his show rather and at least I have tried as you say. I think she is bipolar or has a personality disorder...SEVERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still care about her, even as much as she has hurt me. I wish I could help her, I... (9 replies)
... Hi Karen..... could make a movie out of that! Are you sending the letter? Dr. P is all about kids, and it sounds as if your grandkids could use some help. I would give it a shot, if I were you. It might calm you a bit to know that you've done SOMETHING, try to get help for the situation. (9 replies)
... Hi Karen... Both my parents were alcoholics, so I know what you're saying about your Dad. My sister got married (the first time) at 16 to get away from them, and I spent as much time as I could at her house. It's REALLY HARD to deal with:( I hear you about working. Because we have little self confidence (surprise-you're not alone) we put way too much pressure on... (9 replies)
... The way I had Borderline explained to me was that it works as an emotion amplifier. Where a balanced person feels a little happey, one with Borderline is estatically bouncing off the walls. The same way with anger, if a balnced person feels a little irritated, one with borderline can explode at the littlest thing. A lot of times it is internalized. Even when I explode in... (6 replies)
... or reasons that I understand. But it's Hard for me not to take my anger out on my close friends. I've just gotten in a habit of saying, "I am Angry...Grrr... I love you hold me!" haha the trick is realizing that i am just mad... not mad at them. ... (6 replies)
BPD and Bipolar
Feb 11, 2007
... I would like to give it a try but the problem is that we are living in different states at this time and he has already moved in his exgirlfriend into his house. This only took one week after he arrived in the state that he is in. He has drawn up paperwork for our divorce and plans to bring it here with him tomorrow. He is coming to town for a hearing regarding a DUI he got... (17 replies)

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