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... One thing is for sure....whether you're BPD or not, you should try to train yourself to curb the thoughts you have about your friend. You're very aware of them, so try to tone them down. ... (3 replies)
... You do know that one of the things about being BPD is that we tend to blame ourselves. "We are either perfect, or perfectly awful." It's either all our fault or all someone else's fault. ... (48 replies)
... when I came across BPD. The definition was my husband, plus maybe Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I was so busy learning about BPD for him that I kept pushing back the little voice inside that was saying, "Pay attention. This is for you, too. ... (91 replies)

Fresh new update
Oct 7, 2005
... Glad you got a response, and would love for you to post it! ... (149 replies)
... Unfortunately, there was too much exposure even in those few hours for my BPD to handle it well and I became quite ill. I was more unstable than I've been since I was a young teenager and what I now recognize as when I first became BPD. ... (27 replies)
Explaining BPD
Sep 14, 2003
... I'm not one who normally does things such as this, but I was hoping to get some insight from you guys. Questioning whether or not I have BPD is something that's been going on with me for a while now and I'm pretty scared to fully face it. ... (13 replies)
... I pretty much feel like a monster with all my diagnoses, but BPD makes me a monster. Reminder, I am talking about ME, not generalizing everyone with BPD as one. I know how much pain it causes to ourselves and everyone around us. I've done enough damage to myself and others. It's absolutely disgusting. ... (11 replies)
Oct 14, 2007
... I was told that BPD is hard to medicate, because it's a Personality Disorder...the most effective treatment is behaviour modification. ... (4 replies)
... I hope some of this can help. I've heard that BPD is one of the hardest illnesses to diagnose in the mental health world. I could TOTALLY be wrong on that though. ... (10 replies)
Fresh new update
Dec 14, 2005
... animals doesn't mean we love these guys any less. It's their issue. ... (149 replies)
... I was diagnosis with BPD. Boy do I love this dx. Think not!!!! I hate the way I act and behave. I did take DBT in 1998 and graduated in 2000. ... (11 replies)
... Karen, Jan is right about the ideations being part of BPD. I had a few tense moments myself when the medications weren't working well, but I know now when that happens it's the first sign of a bad reaction to medication in combo with the BPD. Perhaps Benadryl and Cymbalta aren't a good combo for you with BPD. Don't tell the family that you lost your job. Go down... (48 replies)
Just joined today.
Jan 12, 2008
... ex is a perfect example. I fed his BPD for years while feeding my own on the back burner. But his was kept on high heat. I never put him in a position to make him look at his behavior. ... (15 replies)
... uy was a fraud. I'm no expert, but I continued to go. To make a long story short, in the end, the psychologist stated that he strongly suspected my husband had BPD but could not be certain since he quit coming in. ... (37 replies)
... make sure to notice his feelings first! you can't make him forgive you or love you. ... (7 replies)
... My husband has been suffering from depression since July and was diagnosed with BPD shortly after. He is very inconsistent with getting help and has basically not gotten much better since that time. ... (11 replies)
... ying to applaud myself for being a great friend or anything. My point is, a person with this disorder is needy because they do have unique needs. If you really love someone with BPD, you have to let them cling to you and realize that they will turn on you at times. ... (7 replies)
... them the next day like many people with BPD experience. ... (3 replies)
Tooooooo Much
Mar 3, 2008
... So, speaking of lawsuits, I will defintely be pulling for you to win against the psycho landlord. I love the fact that you have a definite "out" on the 60 days notice. Sharing a bathroom with his kid!!! Guess it was worth it now! ... (30 replies)
... Karen, I feel for both you and your Mom. I was in a similar situation with my almost-ex drinking, drugging and abusing me mostly verbally, but he could get physical. I don't want to plant any suggestions here or project into your situation. I am concerned, though. Does he drink often? How often does he verbally abuse your mother? Has he ever become physical with her... (27 replies)

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