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... I am trying to learn what appropriate anger is. And how to appropriately express it. And for me, that is so very difficult as I grew up with a BPD Mother and a controlling, "workaholic" Father. ... (14 replies)
... My mother had me at a very young age. Everyone knew she wasn't ready to be a mother, and I'm sure that she knew it too. ... (6 replies)
... I thought that bpd can go away completely I thought it was just a developmental arrest. Is this not true and it stays there for always? ... (2 replies)

... Has anyone EVER heard of a BPD getting help and revisiting someone they once cared as deeply as they could for? ... (2 replies)
... my mother is a Narcissistic who Ignores and she never spent quality time with me only to cook meals and give me medication when I got a cold and such. ... (3 replies)
... Everything I have read about BPD is me. ... (3 replies)
... I have BPD and BP. I have done the research and found that most general physicians do NOT know the difference. They are not supposed to. ... (1 replies)
... How strange. My daughter has bpd and rather than dropping friends she smothers them. She "drops in on" these people each day to the point that some have told her, "you come over too much. ... (23 replies)
... I'm a 21 year old female suffering from BPD. I have a mother who suffers from the same and has been emotionally neglectful for my entire life. I have no father. ... (2 replies)
... So, I have BPD and things have always been going so tough around me. My mother has the same illness and has always been so distant and often abusive towards me. ... (1 replies)
... He's not well. Are you sure you don't have BPD tendencies as well? ... (2 replies)
... ds about my husband of 17 years. I thought, and so did he, that he may have bipolar but he said meds are not for him. I am now starting to wonder if it is more BPD than anything else. He was a wonderful man at first and then he would do the Dr. ... (2 replies)
... d suffer from anything like depression etc or BPD. I was always a happy child but I was also very emotional and sensitive. Though my childhood was not easy as my mother suffered severe depression, so did my brother and I have now found out that it runs in my family through my mothers side. ... (5 replies)
Do I have BPD?
Nov 5, 2005
... sorry it took so long to get back to you. As previoulsy mentioned, BPD is very very difficult to diagnose. It mimics so many other disorders. ... (8 replies)
Could I have BPD?
Sep 19, 2013
... Hello everyone, I knew I've had some sort of issues for a few years but never really understood what and was too scared to look into it or seek help. Now that it got 10 times worse and it's beginning to affect my life I've decided to check. 1. Extreme anxiety about being abandoned by my boyfriend, friends, mother. - I have always always ended all my short lived... (0 replies)
... My mother and sister have definite "borderline characteristics." I have been in therapy for many years. ... (14 replies)
... just scared. That calmed me down quite a bit.. but all the other stuff is still there, pushing people away, etc. My mother was abusive too. Have you looked into seeing a psychologist? ... (1 replies)
... I don't believe it is a life sentence. Do you take any medications to help with moods and such? If not you should try. I have found that they really help me. I have a 5 month old and I love her more than anything. I believe I am already a great mother. (3 replies)
... ersity, but most days I am too upset or scared to go there. I have no friends because I cant trust anyone and I just feel low all of the time. I can't talk to my mother as she has an illness triggered by stress, and my boyfriend does not know what to say which makes me feel angry. ... (4 replies)
... that's scary, because i see myself reflected in a lot of it - being the quiet "good" child that did as she was told and didn't cause waves was my mask - before I was attacked i was "miss perfect" i always did what others wanted and it was just one of my many masks - I kept people away be not lettng anyone get close enough to see it was just a mask -I shut down my emotions and ... (9 replies)

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