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... I could see myself as a "lite" BP, if that is such. But, my Pdoc will not put a "name" on it. He always says a Cyclical mood disorder. ... (17 replies)
... That is a cyclical mood disorder. My husband was bp and bpd. He also got angry and raged over the smallest thing. I would read up on it and see if you have any other signs of it. ... (17 replies)
... Does it sound like I have some type of Cyclical mood disorder? ... (17 replies)

... Cyclical mood disorder--Any good books to read on this (17 replies)
... There are many types of cyclical mood disorders. My P doctor said I have a type of one. He says he treats symptoms,,,,, I told him my symptoms and, he gave me lamictal. ... (17 replies)
... I am having a mood problem. I get agitated sometimes, it takes me a bit to cool down and then I am fine. I have been on 2 types of depression meds, they did nothing. ... (17 replies)
... I just got back from my Pdoc appt. I told him of my improments, I wish my wife could have gone so she could tell of her opinion. I see slight improvments. My doc increased the lamictal to 300mg. He also gave me topamax, for OCD issues. My self esteam has increased a bit, towards my spouce issues. All though I have only been on the lamictal at 200mg for about a week, I... (17 replies)
... A lot of the times. When I am at work, or just being board at home and she is at work. I always thing she is against me. But, any changes in the tone of her voice, I always ask "What is wrong?" When it is nothing. I know I need to work on my self confidence. But in work situations I am not like this, only with my wife. It has to with; I know I need to change, because... (17 replies)
... Can you tell us about the issues with your wife? When and why do you need reassurance? Lil (17 replies)
... Hi, I have been on 100mg for about a week now. I think it is helping me with my moods a bit now. I am not on the full dose yet, 200mg. I don't know what others would say about my moods. One thing though, I am still so paranoid about things. I hope to get over that. My wife and I have our issues as all husband and wives do, but I am paranoid on issues with her, always... (17 replies)
... You have made the biggest step of all in admitting you know something is wrong and you need help. Taking meds is a big step and one to be proud of. My husband would never admit he needed help yet his actions showed he did. Yes, keep us posted. (17 replies)
... The Lamictal, and clonazepam will help..... But you need to deal with your issues, too. Everything has to be now, now, now, because that's how you were brought up. I used to get really upset, if I phoned someone, with an important issue, and they didn't phone me back right away. Would get so anxious, I would nearly jump out of my skin. When they did phone back...I would... (17 replies)
... Lamictal, Will this help me? In the afternoon, I get so anxious, got to do everything now, now, now! The Pdoc says that is where the clonazepam comes in. Any thoughts? (17 replies)
... All I can say tonight, is that you have control issues....everything is fine at work, because you are controlling it. Not so much at home, because you can't control other people...they have a mind of their own. You never will be able to control anyone else.....start there. Lil (17 replies)
... Childhood....I had a good childhood. I grew up in a small town. Mom and Dad (living together) loved me very much. I never got their full approval on anything though. Today, I still today ask for their input on things, on stuff that's none of their business. Not personal things or family things, but little things,,,,I don't do it as much, because my wife gets so mad. I... (17 replies)
... Can you tell me a little bit about your childhood? Some of the things you are describing could be insecurity, but, they could also be symptoms of other things as well. Lil (17 replies)
... Can you give us more details on your symptoms? Not getting a very clear picture of the problem Thanks Lil (17 replies)
... I have been on 50mg. now for 2 days. I started on 25mg. Not really feeling any different though. I still get mad at the littelest things, or things I should not get mad at. When I do get mad, oh the words that come out of my mouth.....would make a salior cry. I hope this med. works for me,,,, (17 replies)

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