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... you have not had any positive role models when it comes to handling stresses and conflict. It's understandable that you're struggling so much. Talk to a trusted friend or teacher. If that's not something that you're comfortable doing, look for support groups, either in person or online. ... (2 replies)
... questions" I should focus on how to live with it. ... (3 replies)
... of your advice here. I do have suicidal tendancies and wants to be dead and I have seen things in black and white ever since I can remember it has made my best friend go bonkers sometimes cause of it. ... (3 replies)

... apples with cheese, roasted chicken breast with salad and a glass of red wine. Earlier in the day I'd had some cottage cheese with fresh pineapple and a container of organic yogurt. It had to be nerves. ... (91 replies)
... I am having a few difficulties with my life and i need to know if i have any form of personality disorder. ... (4 replies)
... o lose it. For the last 6 months I haven't been able to control my feelings. I'm in a constant rage. Thankfully, the only time I am in a good mood is when I'm with my 15 year old daughter who has become my only friend on the face of this earth. ... (4 replies)
... Lack of one's own identity, with rapid changes in mood, intense unstable interpersonal relationships, marked impulsively, instability in affect and in self image. ... (4 replies)
... secretive. I remember he once yelled at me when I got off the phone with a friend. I'd noticed his scowls while I talked with her for only about 10 minutes. When I got off the phone, I asked him what was wrong. He glared at me and said, "This is MY time with you! ... (20 replies)
... Hi,I glad that I found this board.Maybe someone here will understand me.I have BPD and I am really in a dark place right now.I just hate myself.I don't know what I was thinking but I finally drove my boyfriend away. ... (7 replies)
Do I have BPD?
Mar 23, 2005
... o.k so everyday I think something is wrong with me. ... (9 replies)
Jun 2, 2004
... It would probably be a good idea to let your friends know about the difficulties you have with moods. Communication is a wonderful thing, and if they've stuck around this long, they deserve to know and they'll appreciate the gesture. ... (3 replies)
... Maybe they will help determine a little more whether it is BPD you're dealing with. Does she have very instable relationships with friends or boys? ... (7 replies)
... okay. i just really wanna set things straight. i feel like im going crazy inside. im literally driving myself insane and i would like to know whats wrong with me. ... (4 replies)
... You do know that one of the things about being BPD is that we tend to blame ourselves. "We are either perfect, or perfectly awful." It's either all our fault or all someone else's fault. ... (48 replies)
... eing exercised over me and pretty much why it was happening. It was through prayer and talking to her and another psychologist friend, introspection and talking with people here on this Board that I was finally able to break free from my husband's control. ... (91 replies)
Explaining BPD
Nov 15, 2003
... I'm not one who normally does things such as this, but I was hoping to get some insight from you guys. Questioning whether or not I have BPD is something that's been going on with me for a while now and I'm pretty scared to fully face it. ... (13 replies)
... ur friend. A truly classic sign of borderline, is that I will think that I SHOULD be more important than something else. Unfortunately, if the person I'm dealing with doesn't agree, the fight is on. ... (3 replies)
Just joined today.
Jan 12, 2008
... ex is a perfect example. I fed his BPD for years while feeding my own on the back burner. But his was kept on high heat. I never put him in a position to make him look at his behavior. ... (15 replies)
Fresh new update
Oct 28, 2005
... m sorry I've been away, I've been lurking a little, but it takes so much energy lately to think about my situation, much less type it out. I don't know. I went with him to the counselor, and it was ok. ... (149 replies)
... This isn't the ideal solution, but there are women's shelters. I know they are typically for abused wives, but I don't see why a daughter with no place to go couldn't qualify. Take Mom with you if you're afraid for her. ... (27 replies)

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