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... Do some searching around for clinics, there are usually a few in every city. Goto your school nurse even, ask for a counseler, they will help you out a ton and make you feel 100x better. (8 replies)
... i had a normal life..had a couple friends and all. from 6th grade i started to lose my friends. by 7th grade a had 1 friend. then in 8th grade i had no friends. im in the 11th grade now and i still dont have any friends. im alone, i dont talk to anyone at school. i dont want to have any contact with ppl. ... (8 replies)
... Jackie1...Sounds to me like they're not taking you seriously, or they're not aware of the seriousness involved. Seek an outside source. Simply telling someone to stop the behaviour is not going to solve it. Also, bringing this up in a public place (the mall) shows a lack of respect for you and your issue. This should not be discussed lightly in a store, rather in the comfort... (8 replies)

... mom didnt say anything shes probably just embarassed and ashamed of me..then couple days after that she just told me to stop cuting my hands and that was it. so im just all confused right now. ... (8 replies)
... ive made a couple appointments with my guidence counseler, but he makes me wait for like an hour while hes talking to ppl more important then me. and he only talks to me for like 5 minutes and thats it. its hard for me to just come out and tell someone. u know? im only 16 too and i dont want my parents to find out yet. Jackie (8 replies)
... Anyone who is a cutter needs help now. Tell your mother/father/or teacher you need some help. Let em know how you feel about yourself. If all else fails, contact the local/county mental health association. Your young enough for full recovery. Blue Blaze (8 replies)
... yeah, definetly talk to a doctor. is there any way to get to one - even to ur pediatrician/reg. doctor - without your parents? becasue professionals are best - if not, ur nurse would defintly be a great place to start. good luck, Danielle (8 replies)
... Jackie... You need to talk to someone OTHER than your guidance councellor. If that person makes you wait that long, then obviously that person is the wrong person. Go to your school nurse, and tell her you need to speak with someone regarding how you're feeling. Any nurse worth his/her weight in salt will get you connected to the right source. Hang in there! G (8 replies)
... Have you talked to your pediatrician about this? Please tell someone who can help soon! (8 replies)
... basically Im starting to notice an extremely weird pattern within my self. ... (2 replies)
... ose friends. It's so not true.. I can hardly keep the ones I have. I find myself hating them and yet loving them when I got back and forth and they can never put up with me always being so up and down all the time. who can blame them though, right? ... (4 replies)
... Okay, Everything is just so messed up. I got this one friend and we have been best friends ever since kindergarden. I really like being around him because only when im around him am I "FREE". ... (0 replies)
... you have to have a roommate who could smoother you during the night. grrrrrrr, i hate the hospital. i hate everything. i want to cry. i dont know what i want. im having mood swings that i cant stand. i feel so weak right now., i feel like a loser. ... (2 replies)
BPD and Bipolar
Jan 28, 2007
... I know I'm probably not the best to be giving the advice in regards to this, but Im one of those strange people that belive that even the most messed up person has a chance at making things work...Best thing to do is not push him into things he dosnt feel like doing.... ... (17 replies)
... Im no expert, just really messed up myself, but it sounds to BMW like you need to find a,do for who can refer you to a good psychiatrist. ... (2 replies)
Fresh new update
Oct 10, 2005
... gh offset it. my rational, logical side says start over and you still have time to do what you want to in life...yet my love for you has kept me tethered to this messed up situation we are in...i know it sounds brash...but the reality is we have been apart for a long time...even though we saw each other we were not together.. ... (149 replies)
Jan 6, 2005
... hiyall havent posted here for a while i broke up with my ex over 6 months ago and as he had schizophrenia it messed me up quite badly because of this i now have a feeling in the back of my mind that every guy that i meet either has a motive trust is a big issue for me, it kinda always was i believe now i have paranoia i mean not all guys are wankers right? i met... (2 replies)

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