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Keeping jobs :(
Mar 30, 2007
... im only 18, ive only had two jobs. but i only began working in october. the first was hell, i have severe depression and bit of anxiety and god knows what else until i see the psych. but for me bpd is screaming my name right now. i also am a big self injurerer, have angry out bursts at home, im the worlds biggest procratsinator and i cant sit or focus. most of the time im... (0 replies)
... That way your jobs don't last that long and you can move on. If you like someplace because they leave you alone, maybe you might get a job there. ... (17 replies)
...good jobs
Jan 9, 2007
... out ever making useful contributions to society. What kind of job would be good for a person who is really really really not good for the "customer service" type jobs or really any jobs that involve being around other people? ... (2 replies)

... I was looking online one day, as my son is having some of these issues. I came across this interesting website, if you look around you'll find a link to some jobs that this person has thought of for people with these types of social problems. Hope this helps. ... (17 replies)
... But even those jobs are hard to come by and require a college education. ... (17 replies)
... y is avoidant personality disorder and much more. I don't want to work with people. I'm willing to work the best that I can and as hard as I can but I can't keep jobs well and I do not want to work with people. What job would be good for a person like me? ... (17 replies)
... am in bad health!!! That is baloney. I asked him if he meant mental health, but that has improved big time. My family reminds me that I have failed at my last 2 jobs because I cannot handle the stress...which WAS true. ... (5 replies)
... rd place. I always seem to be in between those two. I have applied for many jobs, just not much is around here. Same old story with me. I don't know if it is the jobs or just ME. I tend to think it is me, since I am the common factor in all the jobs. ... (27 replies)
... ters, but I'm slow and overcautious and there's not much other than medication and therapy that I can do about it, that I know of. Lately I've been let go of two jobs within the first day or two. ... (5 replies)
... I hate to report that things are not really better. No jobs to be found except for in Arizona, Texas or Cali. I soooo wish I could go to California. So I think. ... (5 replies)
... The jobs are all like this, people back stabbing each other and it is a miserable environment. ... (11 replies)
... Number 1, You made me feel much better about that job situation, thanks so much. She was a bad manager, but really a nice person. She had no personal life and took care of a very elderly mother with end stage alzheimers. However, you are right that I should not have had to suffer for her personal problems. She did a horrible job of orienting me..but as usual for my... (48 replies)
... Though I didn't change jobs very often, I had a handful of loyal and trusted employees who followed me from one company to another the few times that I did move. ... (48 replies)
... ut then I cannot be involved in my church like I would like. However, my dad will get worse and worse and I do NOT want to be stuck here. I am applying for other jobs and told my agency to keep looking for other full time jobs for me. ... (27 replies)
... t always background, experience and education that I looked at when placing a person. Attitude and willingness were the biggest factors in a person getting the jobs I had. I can teach someone a job. I can't teach them a cooperative spirit and good attitude. ... (27 replies)
... We do not get paid near what we are worth and usually get the worst grungy hole in the wall offices. I know that state based jobs do not pay well, but some are definitely better than this. ... (27 replies)
... I have had no luck with the jobs I've gotten because I don't get along with people, and I don't know why. ... (0 replies)
... hate what she sees in me, because she is thinking that might be what she did and has raised a son that can't do anything, in her eyes at least. Both of my past jobs have been getting let go. I had seizures on the floors and did not receive any good mentions from anyone. Asking if I am ok or what not. ... (3 replies)
Could I have BPD?
Sep 19, 2013
... Hello everyone, I knew I've had some sort of issues for a few years but never really understood what and was too scared to look into it or seek help. Now that it got 10 times worse and it's beginning to affect my life I've decided to check. 1. Extreme anxiety about being abandoned by my boyfriend, friends, mother. - I have always always ended all my short lived... (0 replies)
... I'm pretty certain I have BPD, not officially diagnosed as i'm scared to seek help but I have numerous symptoms and the causes of BPD fit my life experiences very well. Basically right now I'm screwed. I missed the chance to fix myself at both school and uni, and now i've left uni i'm completely lost with no friends and no close relationship with my family. Most recently i've... (2 replies)

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