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Fresh new update
Oct 15, 2005
... he wasn't home. left a message, signed on to IM, left him a message saying I called you, I thought I would have heard from you by now. He was off line at the time. ... (149 replies)
... its hard for me to think straight as well when i am distressed. words dont come to me, i freeze and and i feel paralyzed. i have been trying to practice possible stressful scenarios, i guess i just dont have enough practice yet since i still freeze. I have been looking for a local support group - that might help keep me motivated and inspired. i appreciate your... (10 replies)
... emotional message in a way that maintains your integrity, and dissarms the bully. ... (10 replies)

Fresh new update
Dec 14, 2005
... mail message from yahoo, that he was inviting me for a voice IM, I didn't accept or decline, I just closed the message. ... (149 replies)
... yes you certainly are screwed up about all of this that happened to you and you know what, it is not your fault. not any of it at all, at any time. you mother was a jerk and a-hole and you guys should have been taken from the home your were in and put into foster care all of your guys either together or separatly. that guy at least is going to go to jail and maybe your mother... (2 replies)
Sep 13, 2002
... Blue, I've just had another thought. I did an on line test for personality disorders, and I did come up quite high for BPD, although I was at the time reading some of the messages on another bb, and a lot of the people there who had depression scored high for borderline disorder, avoidant disorder, dependent disorder, and probably some others... I have also read that the... (23 replies)
Guidance Needed!!
Mar 26, 2006
... mail them back... later...but later never comes and the opertunity is missed and when i try later they never message me back... i don't know i just have to get my bravery up to message someone... or call someone... or meet someone... ... (0 replies)
Fresh new update
Jan 20, 2006
... after he left a message on my machine wednesday.....are you there? ... (149 replies)
Fresh new update
Dec 9, 2005
... so Fri at lunch he leaves me a message saying that he wants me to send any of his stuff back, what ever is here. ... (149 replies)
Fresh new update
Dec 9, 2005
... It took about 5 seconds for that message to travel from my ear to my brain and when it sunk in I just hung up the phone. ... (149 replies)
... Dear Friend, I really understand how you feel in so many ways! I had to read up on BPD (borderliine personality disorder), but it really surprised me...I think I myself may have always had some BPD going on in myself. Feelings of emptiness, unsureness of identity and direction, paranoia, feelings plummeting from joy to despair after some insignificant criticism, and... (7 replies)
Ocd or bpd?
Nov 2, 2010
... So i was diagnosed with OCD a couple weeks ago but after I read this message board out of curiosity and looking stuff up about this I am really starting to think that I was misdiagnosed and that I have BPD. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Thanks for your message. I spoke to a friend of hers and was informed that she has given up her son's school, given up her job and is moving to another city to become a jehovahs witness. I could not believe what I was told that she would leave her house and job and take her son from his school and leave the place she loved so much to go to another city. I went to her... (4 replies)
... and am on quite a few meds but I haven't improved really. I feel like 5 different people. I do and say things I forget minutes later. I can go back and read the message I wrote and seriously think it wasn't me. ... (27 replies)
BPD And Me ...
Nov 28, 2009
... Just keep coming to the message boards here and you will find a community that understands how you feel because we feel that way too. ... (8 replies)
... Well I made it through the holiday!! His mom offered a very weak apology for cussing me out and I said OK but I still feel like I should avoid her because it's likely she'll do it again & because I'm still obsessing about the original event. My BF has been somewhat supportive because he didn't mention going over there for the holiday. So I cooked my own turkey and we had... (1 replies)
... Thanks for replying to my message thaabit greatly appreciated, I would like to come off the seroquel but I'm afraid that if I do my imagination will start racing again, and the thoughts and idea's will hit me so fast I'll feel like I would be going out of my mind, that's probably the main reason why I take the stuff it seems to deaden the impact of the racing thoughts, I... (8 replies)
... Hi I don't want to cry about my many problems, but I need help from people who are suffering from the same illnesses that I am, I was originally diagnosed as having schizoaffective disorder but have been reassessed and now my current illnesses are OCD, Depression, Anxiety and Schizotypical personality disorder, I can just cope with the depression and anxiety with... (8 replies)
Oct 5, 2009
... The struggle does make us feel lost. If you want to talk about this let me know. You may Private Message me also by clicking on my name. Take care. ... (9 replies)
... After work today I called him and got his voice mail. I left him a message for him to call me. Then a male friend stopped over to talk. He took me on a few errands and then back to my house where we talked. ... (1 replies)

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