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... I know that this is not really classified as an official "personality disorder," but I think having a temper problem is a bit serious. ... (2 replies)
... damaging actions such as suicide gestures. The person may show inappropriate and intense anger or rage with temper tantrums, constant brooding and resentment, feelings of deprivation, and a loss of control or fear of loss of control over angry feelings. ... (15 replies)
... gh. i then became a hypochondriac and would spend hours a day researching all of my symptoms. i can see the shifts over a lifetime, and i see a pattern to my personality changes. i have an explosive temper, and it is my mouth that usually gets me in trouble with friends and family. ... (1 replies)

... Isn't it stange that people will look at this list of symtoms for borderline personality disorder, and think to themself, WOW that IS ME!! ... (15 replies)
... Well, the first thing I will say to you, is never allow yourself to get caught up in labels. You were diagnosed with BPD, but it doesn't have to rule your life, nor does it have to define who you are. With that said, I was diagnosed with BPD some years ago. I'm not sure what you mean about a block, but at times I feel totally unmotivated to do something. If I want to do... (4 replies)
What am I?
Jan 10, 2007
... A pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affects, and marked impulsivity beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following: frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment. Note: Do not include suicidal or self-mutilating behavior covered in Criterion 5. a... (7 replies)
... There is no such thing as rapid-cycling Borderline, but there *is* such a thing as rapid-cycling Bipolar. Rapid-cycling Bipolar can look quite similar to Borderline PD but usually lacks the history of trauma or sexual abuse/abandonment that usually us present in Borderline. Self-harm, impulsivity, explosive temper, moodswings, volatile relationships etc. are all part of... (3 replies)
... they may take on the personality traits of the person they are with at the time. ... (7 replies)
A bit worried...
May 28, 2006
... I've been reading about dependent personality disorder and for the most part it described me to a t. ... (2 replies)
... iliarities. My advice is to keep researching, and if possible find an online test, and take the results to your doctor, or find a counselor who is familiar with personality disorders. ... (2 replies)

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