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... What is Borderline personality Disorder? ... (15 replies)
... Can any one please tell me, what is borderline personality disorder ? ... (2 replies)
... blown disorder associated with each. ... (15 replies)

... image, mood, behavior and close personal relationships. This can cause significant distress or impairment in friendships and work. A person with this disorder can often be bright and intelligent, and appear warm, friendly and competent. ... (15 replies)
... The thing is, I've realised that I've been dealing with this all along, and that is some comfort. ... (15 replies)
... What you need to do to get tested is go to see a psychiatrist, one that's good. I saw one and she said that Borderline personality disorder is something that you can actually outgrow. ... (15 replies)
... Isn't it stange that people will look at this list of symtoms for borderline personality disorder, and think to themself, WOW that IS ME!! That is exactly how I was, because it's not that you have one or two of these symtoms, most people with BPD relate with ALL the symtoms, I know I do. ... (15 replies)
... There are many many myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings about borderline personality disorder. ... (13 replies)
... you're a comic! I would hope that the general population might read that one book just so they can know a bit more than how BPD is portrayed by the media. i.e the absolute extreme end of the BPD continum. ... (13 replies)
... Oh ok. What kind of book do you recommend for a first time reader on borderline personality disorder? ... (13 replies)
... Oh ok. What kind of book do you recommend for a first time reader on borderline personality disorder? ... (13 replies)
... which is totally unlike me. 5 mins. ... (15 replies)
... I dont think BPD is a proper Personality Disorder. It is more of a psychiatry injury. ... (15 replies)
... ahh.. this question will stump you and everyone you ask. they dont know what causes it, it is different for everyone. no explanations that i have reaD about apply to my own life. some say sexual abuse, bla bla. ... (37 replies)
... As far as whether or not BPD is inherited,Neither of my parents are Borderline, though my father is an alcoholic and my mother has had bouts of depression and impulsive behaviors due to her inability to cope with certain emotional issues. ... (13 replies)
... ne minute and really depress the next all in the same day. Then I have extreme anger issues. I am in a relationship but it's so much harder for my partner. He is very understanding and patience but he is a human being. ... (4 replies)
... Hi everyone. What, if anything, is the relationship between borderline personality disorder and split personalities? ... (3 replies)
... someone gave advice that i should look up borderline personality disorder as a reply to one of my earlier posts can someone tell me what it is? ... (1 replies)
... I have read some articles about Borderline personality disorder and I think I may have it. I don't know much about other diseases and I think this may be the one. ... (6 replies)
... daughter exhibits all the signs and symptoms of a borderline personality. ... (37 replies)

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