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Hi there.

I am 6.5 weeks pregnant, first pregnancy. I am not naushis at all, and only slightly fatigued. My breasts are VERY sore and I have had on and off light cramping without blood the entire time. Other than the light occasional cramping and sore breasts, I have no other symptoms of being pregnant.

I have taken several pregnancy tests and they all say I am for certain pregnant.

Anyone else have a similar experience? Is it true that if you don't experience nausea, you are more likely to miscarry? Thanks!!
Hi Green654, Im just starting in my 9th week of pregnancy and had commented here how I was asking my doctor to double check and check again to make sure I was pregnant because I felt.....nothing!!! No sickness, soreness, mild cramping as if my period was about to start and it never has, but aside from that nothing...until 4 days ago at 4am I awoke and tore to the bathroom with empty heaving, totally unexpected. That morning, my mother-in-law called me to come see her newly painted bathroom. Once I walked in and got the smell of the paint.....threw up in the bathroom sink :eek: Im not sick all day, but I've a horrible taste in my mouth and sometimes I start gagging for no reason, so dont worry about having symptoms consistent with lots of people, all of our bodies work differently. I never, ever got sick when I had my daughter. My worst symptom with her was just sooooo tired, but aside from that, I led a perfectly normal life. Enjoy your symptom free pregnancy, I hope it lasts for you :)

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