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Ok- so I admit it, I have no self control. OF COURSE I had to wake up and test this morning, and of course B-F-N. :( But, what was I expecting? The thing is, part of the reason I wanted to test today was to know if I could have a glass of wine at the wedding I'm going to tonight. But, I even said last night that even if this test comes out bfn, I probably won't have a drink, in caseI am pg and it was just too early to test. So basically, I knew no matter what the test said, I was still going to act the same. Grrrr. No self control. :)

Well, off to start cd 36! Mandy, how are we ever supposed to get pregnant if we only have about 3 cycles each year?!? I still think this is your month! Heck, it might still be my month!

I have a pre-pregnancy appt. scheduled on 3/12. Should I mention my long cycles (34 days, 50 days, and currently on day 36) and do you think the Dr. can do anything for me?

Oh yeah- I'm still having a tiny bit of the stuff I was hoping was implantation spotting.
Lawgirl- Hey there, sorry to hear about your bfn.........but it is still early so lets just hope that it was too soon and that you are still going to get that bfp this month!! :) I know what you mean about not having any self control when it comes to testing - I myself have NO self control either. I took my temp today and it was only 97.7 so I don't think that I am going to bother taking a test tomorrow because I am pretty sure that I have still not O and that there is no chance that I am pg. I have a RX for Provera (to bring on AF) and I think that I am going to start that. The doctor's did a blood test last week and it was bfn, I just thought that with the spotting the other day that there might still be a chance but I really don't think so, so I am going to go ahead and start the meds. Do you take your BBT's each morning?

Good luck with your apt on the 12th, I just had mine last week. And what the doctor told me about really long cycles (mine are anywhere from 30 to well right now is day 67 and this is my longest cycle yet) is that you are not O if your having really long cycles. Anything over 36 days is considered long. So what they are doing with me is giving me a RX for Provera to start up AF and then they are putting me on Clomid to make me O. Maybe you should bring this up with your doctor also. The sucess rates with Clomid are really good. They are also doing what is called a HSG on me right after AF starts and I stop bleeding, it's where they inject dye into your uterus and tubes to make sure that everything is open and there are no blockages. I am also starting a new job on the 15th so I might put off Clomid for a few months- so that I can get established there first. I do nursing at a nursing home.

Well I hope that you have fun tonight at the wedding!! Keep me posted on how you are doing.

Bye for now :wave:

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