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I had complete placenta previa so had to have a c-section. I was hospitalized for 4 1/2 weeks before an emergency c-section. I had a few big bleeds so on the 3rd they decided to take the baby at 35 1/2 weeks. At that point I was very glad because I was tired of being in the hospital. I was very nervous because I had just gotten done eating a big meal which my husband brought to me from an outside restaurant 30 minutes before this bleeding episode. The epidural wasnt bad, just felt like a bee sting in the back and I figured I had worse pain with labor (my first child) so this wasnt too bad compared to that. I was shaking I guess from being nervous. Everything went fine. As they were stitching me back up I did have a very bad bout of nausea and thought I was going to just die. I told the nurse and she quickly gave me something through my IV and the feeling was gone so soon I couldnt believe it. That night was the first night I had a good nights sleep in months. I was actually looking forward to taking the painkillers and I took them every few hours. The next morning they wanted me out of bed & and I almost passed out so I needed help getting up to get to the bathroom. than again the lady in the bed next to me got up on her own right away and was begging the nurses to get out of bed. I guess its different with everyone. I did experience excrutiating incision pain (felt like a ton of pressure on my pubic bone and lots of bee stings). The first day I was crying in pain because I tried to walk to the bathroom and was unable to make it due to the pain and had to go back to my bed. I had to take another painkiller in order for me to make it too the bathroom. I than had to be on pain pills constantly in order to get around. I had to walk with a wheelchair because I could only walk for short distances due to pain. I know they say the more you walk its better for you, but I really did try and had a very difficult time, depending on how long after I took the pain meds. It felt like my bottom was going to fall out. I alternated between Percocet & prescription strength Advil all day long. My daughter was in NICU and I just couldnt get the strength to visit her on my own even with the wheelchair as support. Even trying to get myself into the wheelchair when I had enough was a big chore. My feet were also swollen for over a month and I was on pain pills for a few weeks. In a way I was glad my daughter was in NICU for 1 week or else I dont know how I would have done it, there would have been no way. They want you to move your bowels before you leave so I was told to drink lots of water & tea which helped and it also helped with relieving the built up gas from the surgery. when I got home I did experience bad pains in my butt if I had to use the bathroom, probably a result of the surgery. After a few weeks it did go away. I hope my story didnt scare you, but I didnt have such a great experience. Its is very painful as it is a major surgery. With this pregnancy I am having another c-section and not looking forward to it at all as I know what to expect. I am expected to go full-term this time so most likely the baby will be in the regular nursery and go home with me. My husband plans to take a week off to help, but it will definitely be a real feat this time.
Lin mom to Tami 12 years, Amanda 21 months, 35wk 2d pregnant

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