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For both of my deliveries I was induced. The first time I was 7 mths and my baby died in utero so there was no choice. The second time I had preeclampsia and had to be induced early so there was no choice. However, I didn't mind the induction b/c I knew what day I was having my baby and could prepare for it. Although nothing prepares you for the actual labor I knew when my nursery needed to be completed. I loved knowing the actual day I was going to have my son. After going thru what I had already been thru I stayed a nervous wreck until I held my son in my arms. I am very thankful we went ahead and induced otherwise my son would not be here today. The cord was pretty tight around his neck and his heart rate kept dropping. I was 38 weeks when we induced. We have been TTC since April and hope the next delivery will be scheduled also. AND the big bonus with induction is it doesn't last as long. :-)
I asked, because I was induced. The pitocin was started at 8:15 am and the baby was born at 9:41 pm. The pain was unbearable by 2pm (actually sooner, but they called my contractions cramps because they didn't show up well on the monitor). After the epidural, I was fine until it got close to pushing and then I could feel it again. I didn't think the delivery itself was too bad (except for vomitting several times). It took only 30 minutes to push the baby out. I tore a little and had a few stiches, but never really hurt that bad from it, just a bit sore. And, I feel pretty good now, a week and a half later.

But after the delivery itself, my uterus wouldn't cooperate and I hemmoraghed (spelling) and the uterus wouldn't contract. I went through 45 minutes of the doctor pushing hard down on my uterus (I got bruised there from it) and her shoving her hand up my uterus with guaze or something to control the bleeding. That was very uncomfortable to say the least. Then after that didn't work, I was rushed off for an emergency D&C. They increased the epidural and I didn't feel much through that process. It went successfully, but I was told I had lost half my blood volume. I ended up severely anemic (with my levels about half the bottom of normal). I threw up several times in recovery from the side effects of the drugs they gave me to try to shrink my uterus.

I didn't really get scared when all that happened. I had seen that happen to women on the birth shows I was watching on TV and they always seemed to make out ok. So, it kept me calm. I'm really glad I watched these shows. I know it could have gotten so bad that they could have had to remove my uterus, but just seeing how over women survived it and didn't have a hysterectomy really helped me keep calm.

I first really got a good look at my baby at 1:00 am and then at 7:00 am when they agreed to let me try to breastfeed.

I hope I'm not a bad person for posting this and scaring some first time people. But, I'm still kind of working out my feelings over this situation. I love my little girl and I'd do it all over again, but I need to know if these problems were possibly caused by the induction and whether the next time we need to discuss more ways to avoid induction. I had high blood pressure befoer the pregnancy, but had not been medicated for it. It went down during the pregnancy and back up near the end. Perhaps it would be better next time if I were medicated to control the blood pressure throughout the pregnancy. I never got preeclampsia and the blood pressure levels at the end were really about what I Had from time to time before pregnancy. The induction was because of the blood pressure creeping up.

My husband was so horrified over the experience he told me he doesn't want another. But, I do. I'm hoping he gets over it and it won't be a block to a future child. It was very traumatic for him to be in there watching all that went on right after delivery and to have me whisked off to the OR with little explaination to him as to what was going on.

Another thing that was kind of upsetting was that after the baby was born they either forgot to cut the cord or caught the cord up when they went to move the baby over to the warmer or cleaner. I could see the cord dragging off with the baby and I called out to warn them before it got pulled too tight.

Again, I'm really sorry if this is upsetting to any first timers. I'm not trying to post to scare. I just really need to get this out, so I can get past this part of it all.

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