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You say your period ended on the 13th or 14th, but when did it start? How long do you normally go between periods? With an average cycle of 28 days, and a flow of 5 days, you would have started on the 8th or 9th, and would only have ovulated a few days ago, around Sunday the 22nd. In the 3-4 days prior to the 22nd, if you didn't use a condom, yes, you could have become pregnant, but pregnancy shouldn't cause bleeding, especially that quickly. Maybe some spotting this weekend when the egg implanted in your uterus (of course only IF you did in fact conceive). Your ovulation date would also explain how he managed to get so "lucky" as you say. Your sex drive increases a few days before ovulation and stays higher until you do.

It is rare, but some women bleed around the time they ovulate, but if this is something new for you, I doubt you are one of those. Since this has gone on for several days, it probably wouldn't be that, anyway.

Sometimes sex can cause bleeding for many reasons. If he didn't wait until your body was ready to receive him, you might have gotten small tears in your vaginal walls. Bleeding after sex can be a sign of some STDs. Sometimes if a woman has a yeast infection (or other non-STD vaginal infections), sex can cause bleeding. Also, if you are sexually inactive for a time, then suddently start having lots of sex, you're going to get sore, and yes, maybe bleed a little.

I don't think your poos had anything to do with your bleeding, or sex either for that matter, unless you had anal sex and he came inside you then (semen is supposed work like an enema, I've heard).

I have to ask this though. When he first enters you, does it hurt? I wonder if maybe after waiting over a month, if it might be that he rushed into it the first time last week while your body wasn't ready and maybe caused a small tear, then the later occurances may have reopened it.


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