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My doctor told me to wait 2-3 months before trying to conceive. I was on ortho. My cousin didn't wait after going off the pill, and ended up having a miscarriage early on in her pregnancy. She thinks it's because she got pregnant too fast after stopping the pill and her hormones were way off. I'd wait just to be safe if I were you. Good luck!
Oh yeah, my cousin got pregnant again after the miscarriage (and being off the pill for several months) and had a healthy baby boy.
i have heard you should wait 2-3 months too....but just so your body can get back on track and have regular cycles and all that. and that you should start taking folic acid (it is in a prenantal vitamin, you can take them before actulally becoming preggo) the second you plan on becoming pregnant to prevent the very serious birth defect called spina bifida (a serious deformity of the spine in a baby) 800 mcg's (200%) a day.....and by the time you get preggo you will have a nice suply so to speak built of of it and you should continue to take it your entire pregnancy.

myself i got preggo 3 months after stopping the pill (lo ovaral) and my friend got preggo after 4 months of stopping it (i believe she was on ortho)
so you may want to give your body about 2 months at least until you try to become pregnant
good luck
I got pregnant in the 2nd cycle after stopping the pill. I've read that it can take your body a few cycles to start ovulating again. My doctor recommended that I wait 2-3 months, not because there is any concern about birth defects or problems, but just because if your bodyis not back on a regular schedule, it is difficult to predict the age of the fetus. He also said that if we didn't wait, he could schedule an early ultrasound to determine that. No big deal. Just try not to get discouraged if you try and don't get pregnant right away. Your body might not even be ovulating yet.

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