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[QUOTE=KimRick]:wave: I think your cervix should be ok if you had the surgery 6 years ago. I don't mean to be personal, but was the surgery because of HPV? I'm doing some research of my own regarding pregnancy and HPV and if there are any dangers in it. How's your pregnancy, is it so far normal? Do you happen to know if that affects the baby in any way?[/QUOTE]

Thank you HappyMom. The technician who performed my u/s did not tell me anything (of course) but she said not to worry. I also found out I'm having a baby girl. She looked so perfect we were able to see every finger and toe it was great.

KimRick - I believe the majority of all precancerous cells are caused by the HPV Virus which is very common. The LEEP procedure is supposed to cause the least damage to the cervix and I have done tons of research and found it to be most effective in the removal of precancerous cells. So far this pregnancy has been great. I just pray the remainder of the pregnancy goes as well.

I did have 2 m/c's (1st Trimester losses) before this pregnancy but they were not due to cervical complications. Incompetant cervix plays a roll in the majority of 2nd Trimester losses.

Hope this helps.

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