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Haley's mom - I too am pissed at my Dh right now. He's known since March that he had to complete a bedroom in our basement before my sister and mom come to visit. Well my sister is coming next Tuesday from Atlanta and he is still mudding and sanding the freaking drywall. All he ever wants to do is to come home from work, drink a few beers, eat supper and what he calls let his food digest (passing out on the couch for the evening). He does work a long day from 5:30am-4:30pm but even still there is stuff at home to be done. He promised me the room would be finished for when she gets here and it is not even close.. He says that I need to stop bossing him around and telling him what to do all the time. It just infuriates me because I have been the only one doing anything around here lately.. I hope he enjoys sleeping on the couch because I told him if the room is not ready for when my sister comes.. she will be sleeping with me in the bed and hes on the couch.. I worry about his attitude of coming home from work and then just sleeping all night. I worry that when this baby comes i'll be left to raise it 24/7 with no help from him.. and we dont have any family close by that can help out.. argh.... Men are so selfish.. and it bothers me because he can be soooo insensitive to my feelings right now.. i'll keep you posted on whats going on.. I hope things get better with yours..

LYD - See what your OB has to say... but like Leesgirl said you may have to get pushy... If you are in pain and can't sleep for any real length of time.. then you should be at the hospital. If the nurses aren't telling your doc everything then she may not be fully aware of what the situation is... hopefully she will do something for you.

Well I have my 36 week appt today.. and I am having an internal ...So I will find out if anything is progressing down there.. off and on I have been getting small cramps or twinges like I am getting my period.. so I don't know.. I'll be sure to post back and let everyone know how it went.. Take Care everyone
And off goes Lisa/haleysmum! I hope she comes back with a happy story. :) Well girls, I don't know if any of you have had the feelings I'm having. I said before that I walked ALL DAY yesterday...well, I hardly slept last night b/c I had an awful stomach ache and VERY uncomfortable period-like cramps, and I had to get up every 30 minutes or so and usually had diarrhea. This morning I still feel crampy and my lower back is achey and I am still having diarrhea frequently. I guess it's possible to have these feelings and it NOT mean labor is coming, so I'm not getting my hopes up. Well, trying not to anyway! My little girl already weighs almost 8 lbs at 36.5 weeks so I have to admit I won't be upset if she makes her way into the world a little early!!! Maybe if these cramps etc aren't labor precursors, at least they mean my cervix is changing and my body is preparing! That will still be good news as it means an induction would go easier.
Tracie and astw, it's just us now I think - unless 0603david is just lying low! - so keep in touch girls and we can compare how we're feeling! Maybe you will both be surprised and beat me and I'LL be the last to go! LOL
For now, I have the strongest urge to go and assemble the shelf I bought for Sophie's room and get everything I think I'll succumb to the urge!
Bye! :wave:

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