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Hello Ladies!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was good, but my DS had the flu so he was like a mommy magnet the whole 3 days I had off! It was cute at first, but man was I excited to get back to work this morning! The food was excellent, which was to be expected (my mom owns a cafe and my sister is studying to be a chef) I just wish that DS and I felt better. Its weird, but it seems like everytime my family comes to visit, DS gets sick.
Nyxin ~ 1. yes, I feel that way everytime I eat a big meal, but my pains are on the right side, not left. 2. I don't know if mine are heart palpitations, or if its just the baby's heartbeat coming through strong. 3. my allergies and asthma have never been as bad as they get when I am pregnant.
Okay, my questions: 1. my immune system seems to be very susceptible to any little cough, cold, or other illness....anyone else? 2. my ankles look like grapefruits a mere 2 hours after being on them.....anyone else? 3. people at work keep telling me that I look large for only 27 weeks, than others can't tell that I'm pregnant at all....any second timers experiencing the same?

Alright...have a great day ladies, talk to you later.

JR's mom

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