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Hi Ladies,

This Is My 1st Pregnancy But I Don't Feel Pregnant At All. I'm 6 Weeks Today And Nothing. No Morning Sickness, Headaches, Backaches, Tiredness. I Wish I Felt Something. I Know Many Of You Will Probably Say I'm Lucky, But I Keep Thinking Something Might Be Wrong. Does Anyone Else Feel Like Me? Is It To Soon For Symptoms?
i really didnt start having symptoms until i was around 6 or 7 weeks, and for the time that i spent wishing i did have symptoms, i spent the next few weeks praying (to the porcelain god (if you know what i mean) ) that they would go away.

and even now, at almost 14 weeks, those symptoms have subsided (thank goodness) and i am wishing i would start showing so that i will look pregnant already (and im sure i'll regret that soon too)

i would say (from my experience of course) that is normal to feel like things would progress a little faster in the beginning

have a blessed pregnancy!

It is still VERY early. Give it a few more weeks and you'll feel more pregnant.
I hadn't even figured out I was pregnant until I was 7.5 weeks. I missed my period in August and didn't even notice :rolleyes: Then I ended up finding out on September 30 after I missed it (again) and thought "how long has this been going on?" lol. By then my first symptom was a bloated tummy looking right back up at me. I never had morning sickness or anything either. You should start feeling your tummy pull and strech (will feel like cramps) in the next week or two.
I am about 6.5 weeks and not until the past couple of days do I feel dog tired and not very good in the morning. My stomach feels empty (I ate the night before!) - I get hot, I don't feel like I will toss my cookies, and haven't yet. But - so far, I don't feel much pregnant either except for those two issues and being very forgetful and having a bloated tummy. Count your blessings - I have heard some people have it pretty rough. If this is all I experience, I'll take it.

But I have a question for everyone, did they feel so tired at night before bed that they felt light headed and just physically unstable, loss of balance - not very coorindated (sp?)???? The past couple of nights that is how I have felt, it's driving me crazy!

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