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Please bear with me, this may be a little long! I am 5 weeks along too. On Wednesday night, I started feeling this sensation in my ribs and my shoulder blade that felt like trapped gas. Well, it has continued, and I am not so sure if it is that anymore. The pain is moderate, but only when I cough, laugh, sneeze, anything that requires taking a deep breath. So last night I took a tylenol for it, and it made the shoulder pain stop, and settled the rib and side pain down a little too. Then in the middle of the night, it kept waking me up, and I am thinking it was because of the way I was laying. So I got up, and it started to feel a little better again. Sometimes if I take a deep breath it hurts, and other times it doesn't. I am having no bleeding, or anything else abnormal, and the pain is moderate like I said, but only when taking in the deep breaths. When I am just sitting here, I hardly feel it. Do you think this is some sort of ligament pain or my uterus stretching and hitting a nerve or something? It was freaking me out, but everything I have read says it isn't a cause for concern if it isn't constant and severe. I am going to call the dr on Monday just to see what they say, closed today! But it sometimes feels better when I get up on my hands and knees and stretch. Anyone else have anything like this happen? Please any advice, tell me!

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