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I agree with the 2 previous posts about natural being better for you. A section is a major surgery. I had a unplanned section with my first child. My water broke, got to the hospital.....and I was dilated only 2 or 3cm when I got there. After 13 hours of labor, I had only made it to 4cm before my daughter ingested meconium. Because I was far from being ready to push, they had to take my daughter right away. I had received an epidural about 8 hours prior to receiving news of needing a section, and it did it's job.....I didn't feel my contractions. However, that all changed. As soon as my surgery began, my epidural wore off 100%!!!!! I felt every single thing they were doing to me. I ended up being put to sleep because I was screaming in pain. I was not awake when my daughter was delivered..................and I felt so robbed afterwards. Upon waking, I learned that my section didn't go smoothly. My daughter was wedged and they could not get her out with the initial 5" incision that was made, so I was opened up from hip to hip. So much damage was done inside that I had about 200 internal stitches and about 50 staples on the outside. My recovery was a mess. I couldn't laugh, sneeze, cough, sit, stand, sleep, walk.......anything, without being in excrutiating pain. I also had an infection in my incision, and I have nerve damage as well. So, my section was horrible. The pain for me was like nothing I have ever experienced, and I have experienced a lot of pain in my life. I have had many broken bones and back injuries due to 13 years as a gymnast! Plus, on top of daughter was ill from ingesting meconium and required hospital visits twice a day for shots as well as extra care at home (more shots that I had to give her) for 2 weeks after she came home. The constipation..........I won't even go there! It was horrible. Let's just say that suppositories were my life for about 5 weeks.

5 years ago, I gave birth to another child. Determined to not have another c-section, I endured 26 hours of non-medicated labor (thanks to the epidural not working for more than 15 minutes).........and delivered my son vaginally. No complications whatsoever!!! It was a walk in the park. I healed quite nice. I was up and about the same night. I could have run a marathon 2 days later if they had let me. I felt that good.

Now, 10 years after my incision is still nasty. I still have the nerve damage, so I am assuming that will never change..........and I have massive scar tissue!!!

I wouldn't opt for a section, and many doctors still don't let you opt for one because it poses risks since it is a major surgery. Not only that, but many of them say "Why go through that if you can have a much less invasive delivery"? I agree!

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