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Re: May mommies~8~
Dec 31, 2004
Hi Everyone,

Well I just got in last night from the great white north! Christmas was good but really busy as usual! There was one thing that REALLY got to me though and I almost broke down in tears over it... my sister in law is pregnant as well she is due 2 weeks ahead of me (she also has a 15 month old son ) anyways she was giving me the hardest time about my and my dh choices about not finding out what the sex of our little one is. She is having a boy again. She kept telling me that its so wonderful to know before so that you can start talking to them by their names and starting the bond early. Then my MIL gets in on it and agrees that she would have found out back in the 70 ies if she could have as well. They went on and on about the pro's of finding out and I was so insulted and felt pressured in to it. I am still going to stick to what we want to do and wait until the day it comes on its own. I was just so hurt by this as I dont get involved with my sil pregnancy at all, I let her make her choices as I make mine.. The difference I dont say anything. I just stew!
I also feel that b/c I am not my mil's daughter that her pregnancy means more and that was getting to me as well! I could go on all day about events that happened concerning that stuff but im getting stressed again and dont want to bore you's! It just frustrates me and I wish they understood!

Anyways Im glad to hear that you all had a good and safe holiday!

I can feel my little one moving a bit.. mainly at night!
I too have the start of a cold and man everytime I cough it just puts pressure on my lower tummy!

Anyways Im glad to be back I missed coming on here and reading everyone's up dates!

Have a great new years eve as well... Any of you have big plans? Im just renting movies and eating pizza as I have to get up at 5 for work tomorrow!

Talk to you later

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