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Hey hun....Im serious when I say that whoever came up with calling it 'morning sickess' needs to get with the program. Cause I know from experience that it rarely shows just in the morning. Awful, isnt it. With my first pregnancy, I was sick 24 hours a day. My poor hubby - I didnt always make it to the bathroom. YUCK. I was sick for the entire time I was carrying him - up to and including all through labor and delivery (I carried him for 28 wks).
This is my last pregnancy, and I am due in about 9wks. I had to pregnancies before this over the past few years. One ended early and one ended at 20 wks. With both, I felt nothing more than slight nausea. With this one, I have had little bouts with morning sickness. Once I had to go to the doctor to get phenegren to stop the vomiting. But all in all, it hasnt been too bad. For my first 15 weeks, I was incredibly nausiated but didnt throw up much.

I hope it gets better for you. Try to eat crackers (saltines) and you may wanna try Ginger ale. It really helped me. Also....try those little spearemint candies (they are red and white and usually round in shape). For some reason, those tend to help to.


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