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Hi there!

Well if your last sexual activity was in september you would be just about as far along as I am if you were pregnant. I can't tell you if you are pregnant but I can tell you what I went through. I took a pregnancy test in october that showed up positive, but I went for a blood test and found out officially. I had very tender breasts pretty early on followed by a lot of morning sickness at about 7-14 weeks. I got horrid indigestion and I couldn't eat for a while. I was also feeling exhausted all the time. I started out growing some of my clothing at about 12 . No one was able to tell I was pregnant until recently. I am 22 weeks and my tummy has just "popped". My appetite is still subdued to say the least, I still get horrid indigestion and now a lot of cramping in the lower abdomen where everything is streching. I have more energy now but am easily tired out when I try to do difficult things. I have also been out of breath more now that things have shifted upwards. Just this past week I have been able to feel the baby move too! I never had any spotting or anything like that. My abdomen is hard now and has been for the last month. I know this doesn't answer the question about you being pregnant, but it may give you something to compare your feelings and symptoms to. I would really get a test done again or call your doctor and have them do a blood test. If you are pregnant, by this point you would have been able to hear the heartbeat for a couple of months and you could also have an ultrasound and find out if you are having a boy or a girl. I wouldn't put it off any longer, you'll miss so much just not knowing! Good luck and keep us updated! :)

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