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I am 33 weeks pregnant and have started to get very bad tightening at the top of my tummy, when I explain the feeling to my OB she seems to think they are just braxton hicks, but they last a long time and are VERY uncomfortable. I have noticed them coming on more frequently at work, I have a desk job but always alot of drama, but like today for instance the tightening started at about 1pm and I am still feeling pretty uncomfortable and its 8 pm. I stayed in bed pretty much all weekend and didnt have too many but today was a completly different story!!
The ob checked my cervix on friday and stated I was dialated a "finger tip".
Is all of this pretty normal or should I be making a bigger stink about the cramping to my Dr.? This is my first pregnancy so its hard for me to tell whats normal and whats not, I dont want to over react!!!
Any input would be soooo wonderful and appreciated!! :confused:


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