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all i know is
as of now my docs dont want me to go past 38 weeks wich is the 27 ,
and since they dont want to do and episiotomy or c-section
because of my bleeding and clotting disorders
they are seriously watching the babys growth
so far she is measuring 37 weeks by the size of her head
and she is about 6 pounds in wieght
hopefully her head will slow down on the growing for the next few weeks
i have such a terrible cold and the last thing i want right now is to take care of a new born like this i would prefer to wait as long as possible
i look at the bassinet next to my bed and cant wait till shes in there
but at the same time i dont want to go in to labor , this is my third i know what to expect , i dont want to be pregnant anymore but i just dont want to go through labor
like i'm to lazy right now to deal
anyone else feel like this

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