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The swelling was absolutely the worst part of the pregnancy, for me, so I can totally feel your pain. For me, nothing at all made it better- even when I spent two entire days resting on my left side. I drank more than a gallon of water daily, and nothing. I had deep pitting all the way up my thighs. It was so bad that my sweat pants were too tight in the calves!

Just make sure your doctor is aware of the swelling, though, because it could be a sign of preeclampsia.

And not to be a total downer, but don't expect it to get better rght away, either. MY babes are 14 days old today, and I think I FINALLY lost the last of my swelling. It started working it's way down a few days after delivery, so my thighs got better first, then my knees, then calves, etc., but my feet only got back to normal today. I only mention it because some people told me to expect it to get better almost immediately after delivery, but thank goodness others warned me it might take awhile. I would have been so blue had I not been a little prepared for it to take some time!

Just sit tight and wait out the next few weeks!

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