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Well I begin by telling you that I am a pro at pre-term labor and contractions so maybe I can be of some help.
I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with our third child nd I am having just as much trouble with this pregnancy as I did with my first.

My first pregnancy went as follows: I started to have contractions around the 25th week, rushed to hospital to where they had to do everything in there power to get them to stop ( I was only 20 then and if I had listened to my body I would have realized that I was contractiong long before I was rushed to the hospital). I was put on complete bed rest could only shower every other day because any activity I did caused me to contract, I also had to take my meds every 4 hrs. otherwise I would start to contract. The dr. had prescrbed me magnisium to stop the contractions which did work but the med. crossed the placenta which made my baby very unactive so I had to keep a kick chart to monitor movement. Finally at 34 weeks my husband and I decided that I couldn't do this anymore and we meet with the dr. and we aggreed to come off the meds. I had my little boy 3 days later. He was about six weeks early spent sometime in the NICU but overall we were very lucky. When IO went in for my postpardum check up I asked my dr. why this occured and she said they didn't know some women do this with pregnancies we will know more if you decide to have more children.

So we did decide to have another baby about three years later. I got pregnant right away felt really good untill I hit that 25th week I couldn't believe that it was occuring all over again. But the difference was I listened to my body I went right to the dr. she put me on meds and we were able to control it. I carried that baby to term because we were prepared. When the pregnancy was over the dr. finally diagnosed me with Irritable Uterus Syndrome which basically means that once my uterus gets to a certain size it starts to cramp and contract.

I am pregnant once again and it has been eight years since my first son was born and I am currently going through it all over again. The contractions started a little earlier this time but my dr. seems to think that is because I am getting older and my body isn't a strong as it used to be. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and I am on meds. and also have started to diolate only about a finger tip but still to early for any of this to be occuring. So my advice to you is listen to your body when something doesn't feel right make a fuss even if the dr. doesn't think much of it or it turns out to not be anything then at least you know. You are that babies mommy you are there to pretect her and that also means when you are pregnant you don't want a baby born this early. So go to the Dr. and get looked at.
Hope this helps Let me know if you have any questions

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