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Well apparently this little guy is very anxious to come out, lol. Tuesday i went to the dr cause i had an infection. Well Friday night I had a fever and a weird feeling, so i went to the hosptial, afraid the infection had comeback. Well I got there and it wasn't the infection, never figured out the fever. Anyway, sometime between Tuesday and Friday I dialated almost 2 cm. And I was 70 effaced. Well the baby had dropped, and i was having contractions about five minutes apart, and my blood pressure was up. So, they decided to keep me and give me the shot to stop the contarctions. Well I had heard such horror stories about it, so i was suprised when it didn't bother me at all. So, Sat, morning the contractions had stopped, I was still a 1 cm diatled and 60 effaced, but he had moved back up some. Anyway, so they sent me home with some of hte contraction med in pill form, and that is really making me sick! So, I called today, cause i was shaking so bad I couldn't even brush my teeth! Anyway they said, since i was already 35 weeks, i could quit taking it, but first i tried halving the dose, and that has helped ALOT! Anyway, i am on modified bedrest,and my typing is horrible because of hte shaking, lol. They want me to make it two more weeks, but i got the impression they don't think i will. I know that one cm is not that much, but the concern was because it had happened so fast, and htis is my first!
Anyway, the dr said if he came on out he would be ok, he is five lbs by now, and develped enough, it's mainly just for safe measures. If I do make it to 37 they probably won't try to stop it, from what i untderstood!

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