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Jun 12, 2005
Ok....Can someone please tell me what to do or help me out...Ok...Heres my problem...My WHOLE pregnancy my doctor has been telling me I am due on June 27th, and when I went to get my level 2 u/s done they agreed...So my whole pregnancy I have thought I was going to have my baby in June...Well on May 31 I went into labor and I was supposed to be 36 weeks and they even let me walk and everything...Well since I stayed overnight my doctor came and saw me at the hospital and was all like you aren't due until July 11 so we are going to give you some Brethine 5mg and have you on bed rest...And I could believe it!! I was like then why have you been saying my whole pregnancy I am futher along than what I am...So I agreed and took the Brethine every 4 hours and tried to stay off my feet...But on June 10 I stopped taking the Brethine, because I don't think it's natural and I believe I am due June 27th...Anyways I started having contractions at 9pm last night about every 5 minutes so I went to hospital, and they turned into every minute to 2 minutes, so they were like you are still to early to have him yet so were are going to give you Brethine...But refused it, because I belive its not natural or healthy...My mother and grandmother all agree that I shouldn't have been on it in the first place...They ended up sending me home because I was not dialating...I was a fingertip dialated and 50% effaced on Tuesday and when I went in there I was 1 cm and 70% effaced...But I didn't change in the 5 hours I was there so they send to come back when I start to bleed, leak water, or have contrations so painful I have to breath through them...So here I am now...So I wanted your guys oppinion on this...Cuz you guys are moms or are going to be...So what should I do or what does it sound like to you...I am just so frustrated right now...Thanx

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