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Hi everyone. My name is Bridget. I am 27 weeks pregnant. Thursday I went to the dr bc of cramping, and they sent me to the hospital bc of large amts of blood in my urine. They said I had kidney stones and had to be under observation for 24 hrs. After I finally went home yesterday...I had more pain, so I just called the dr to see what kind of meds I could use. He told me to come back in to the hospital so they could do an IVP. (thats where they run dye thru your veins to find kidney stones and other stuff in the abdomen) Anyway...they took 3 pics of my abdomen and of course you could see the baby....all of him...bc thats where they needed to x-ray. I am soooooooooooo worried ab the radiation. I wish I wouldn't have let them do it. I am worrying myself sick ab possible birth defects. Have any of you had this done or ever had any x-rays while pregnant??

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