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Yes, I agree you might have more luck on the infant heath boards, but I will post my story for you :)

I got pregnant at 18. All thoughout my pregnancy I knew I had preeclampsia. From 26 weeks on I saw my Dr every second day and was on partial bedrest. I had to quit my job and money was tight. At 30 weeks I was put on complete bedrest and could only get up to go to the washroom. My DH went to part time work then so he could come home and make me something too eat :) At 33 1/2 weeks I was admitted to the hospital and put on complete bed rest.

Fastforward to just about 35 weeks... I wake up on January 16 feeling crappy. The night shift nurse comes it to take my B/P and check my vitals one last time before the end of her shift. I told her I wasn't feeling well and had a headache, she told me it was because my B/P was really elevated and to lay on my left side for awhile and I'd feel better. My Dr came in a few hours later and told me my ultrasounds spaced 4 day apart showed not growth from my baby. She said a few more days would be as far as she would "let" me go. She left, I fell asleep, and awoke with a HORRIBLE headache. I was sweating and seeing lights when I would blink. I looked at the clock which read 12pm. It was weird because the day shift nurse hadn't even come in yet that day and usually I was having my B/P take every hour. I paged her. No response. I ate lunch and my DH came to visit me. He said I didn't look so good. I said I didn't feel so good. I paged the nurse again. No response. Now it's 1:30 and I'm really feeling like crap, DH went out to the nurses station and as the desk nurse to ask my nurse to come see me when she had a moment. 2:00, I page the nurse again, still no response. I tell DH I'm going to have a nap and sleep off my headache, so he packs up and goes home for a bit. I awake at 3:00 and now I'm really dizzy and seeing lights non stop, and I'm sweatting like crazy.I page the nurse, and you guessed it, no response. So I get up, drag my IV line with one hand and hold my gown closed with the other and wander out to the nurses station. I see my nurse sitting there talking too another nurse. I told her I wasn't feeling well. She told me to go back to my room and she would be there in a minute. When she came in, she mummbled something along the lines of she has other patients too you know. I apologized. She took my B/P and sat very still and looked at it for a few minutes. She took it again and did the same thing. She looked at me and told me not to move and that she would be right back. She came back 5 minutes later with my Dr would told me I was going to have a C-section NOW. I told her I was not. She said my B/P was 180/115 and she didn't want to chance the induction. I told her that she wasn't cutting my baby out of me. So, at 3:30 we start the pitocin and cervical gel :).

My labor pick up fast and by 5:00 I was having really strong contractions. I was being constantly bombarded by nurses comming in asking my if I wanted and epidural now? I didn't want it, and they knew that, yet they still kept asking. Finally at 8:00 I have been laboring for a long time and a group of 5 nurses came in and told me the more pain I'm in the more my B/P would rise and I was going to hurt my baby if I didn't take the epidural. It felt like an intervention or something. I was so warn down I just said OK. I got my epidural, the pain subsided, and I fell asleep for a few hours. I woke up at 1 am with strong contractions, the nurse came in and asked how I was feeling. I told her I think the epidural is wearing off. She checked me and said, nope it's time to push, that's why you can feel it more.

In comes the calvary! A NICU team for my DD, a team of nurses for me, my family Dr, my OB, and a student OB working with him. They were like a cheerleading team. Scream PUSH PUSH PUSH! When I didn't feel the need to and STOP when I did. I didn't want to push on my back, it didn't feel right, but the said I had to because they were inserting a cathider. And when I felt the "ring of fire" of my perenium streching, a sign to slow down, they screamed for me to push with everything I had.I all of a sudden didn't feel so well, I don't remember what happened next, but I was told I had a seisure. I was cut, 4th degree episiotimy. My Dr reach in and pulled my baby girl the rest of the way out. I felt so raped. She was born at 1:56 after 38 minutes of pushing, and was 4lbs 2ozs and perfect!

The NICU team brought my DD over to see me for about 10 seconds, then wisked her off to the NICU. I didn't see her for 3 days after that. I don't remember much of those 3 days, but I was told I had a few more seisures.

After a week or so I started to feel better. I laid in my hospital bed, alone, crying. My baby was still in NICU. I felt like everything my body had been born to do, was wrong. The Drs and nurses had made me feel so worthless. THEY had my baby, I didn't. It was a horrible experience. I will NEVER go back to the hospital. Birth is a natural thing. Although mine was complicated by medical issues, I still feel there were MANY unnessesary interventions. I felt like an empty shell lying there while they took my baby from me.

Next baby, I will be at home, surrounding by people I love, who are cheering me on in MY ability to give birth, no screaming at me telling me what to do. I will relax and ENJOY my next labor and birth.

My advice it to write down EXCATLY what you want with your birth and give it to you Dr/Midwife. Don't let anyone pressure you into anything you are not comfortable with.

I guess my birth story isn't all bad, because of it I have decided to become a midwife. I want to help women realize that they were born with the ability to give birth, it is not a medical proceedure. We all have the power and strenght inside of us to do it :)

Sorry this got so long...

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