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I too am pregnant and Sherbert is right, I wouldn't even try to squeeze my nipples, they are way to sore and senstive! 2 weeks is way to early to take a pregnancy test. I can tell you what my first symptoms of pregnancy were; nausea, cramps like you are going to have your period, breast tenderness and swollen breasts. But you can't go by symptoms alone, you are going to have to take another home pregnancy test in 2 weeks, the best day to take it is on the day of your missed period, most hpt's are 99% accurate. Good luck to you!
I had discharge like I was going to get my period about 5 days before it was suppoed to be - because I was having sex with my husband. and I felt like I was craving a bunch of stuff (turkey reubens) LOL and my breasts were SOOOOO OH SOOOOO SORE. The nausea didn't come till about a week after I knew. I was supposed to get my AF on a friday and I took the test on Wed. before and it took 1 second for it to turn BOLDLY positive. I too was on medication every day for 5 years.

I had neck surgery and back problems - I had to taper off of them because quitting cold turkey could cause a miscarriage.

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