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I'm with Erin on this one. I do know what she is talking about though. I am 5'7" 140lbs and work on a farm so I am very fit compared to people who either exercise a little or don't exercise. (No offense but come on Ladies be honest with yourself- who could keep up with me in the hay field lifting 100lbs bales for five hours in 100 degree heat?) I'm 22 weeks and felt my son move at 10 weeks but wasn't sure what it was. Now that he is much stronger I know it was him and not gas. It has more to do with your health i.e. your weight, muscle, strength and awareness, then you have to consider the babies health i.e. that same as you. And then it boils down to knowing your body and how you react to what does not feel normal. I'm not saying that when Brady was first starting to move that it was the same as his rocket man impersonation now! He has this thing for balling up on one side and then shooting across to the other side! LOL we'll see how long this last once the space runs out! In all seriousness though when I got to the phase where everything else begins to make a move I knew it and she is right it feels like someone kicked you in the stomach. I spent the next few days trying to remember what I did that would have caused it. Then I got a sharp pain on the one side low just like when I run and get it in my side. I'm convinced there are two types of stretches that you feel- I just wish they didn't hurt so bad! I was only 8 weeks and knew that I was PG for only about a week! :eek:

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