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Oh Worrywort, everytime I check this board you are always worrying over something. Please calm down and relax some sweetie. All of this stressing and worrying is not good for you or baby. Being pregnant is definetly a change from anything ever experienced, and you go through some weird things. New aches and pains, emotional instability, you name it, it happens. Right now, I am 32 weeks pregnant and my back hurts consistently, my stomach feels like I did 400 sit ups, my head hurts. I never realized what pregnant women went through until I became one. It is not a walk in the park. So when you start stressing and worrying about things, just remember that all of that stressing is stressing that beautiful angel as well. He/She feels what you feel so for your health and the babies, take deep breathes and remember this is all worth it in the end.
Wow, I feel like I'm talking to myself. This all what I needed to hear. Good luck to you and your baby and please don't take this post the wrong way. I just have a giggle everytime I see another worrywart post. Its cute, because I too worried about everything in the beginning. But once you get further along, you start to feel so much excitement knowing you are through the rough patches and this baby is really on its way to your arms.

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