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Herpes zoster!!!
Oct 24, 2005
I am 16 weeks pregnant and I work in a healthcare setting with mentally retarded clients. Well today one of them was diagnosed with herpes zoster, a form of shingles. Well I have been exposed to this infection and was taken out of the grouphome I work at and placed in another one because of the risk to the baby. I am so scared because she has had this "rash" on the back of her left leg for about a week and we did not know that it had spread to her upper leg, hip, and butt. Well today when the doc examined her it was open oozing sores!! The really messed up thing is that there is no staff restroom so we usually use her RR!!! Do you think its possible that i picked up the infection from there? The DON said it is contagious and that I need to get with my obgyn, which i have, i just left a message for his nurse to call me back. And there is another pregnant woman with me but she is already 7 months pg, Im barely 4!! So far I dont have any symptoms but Im scared that maybe its just lying dormant and the baby will be exposed to it. Has anybody gone through this?!
I am so frustuated at this situation! Its so not fair :( :(

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