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Hello, I'm not pregnant, but have had 3 children. With my last, who is 8 months old, I had pre-eclampsia. I didn't ahve the elevated blood pressure at first, just the protein in my urine. With my first 2 pregnancies, I swelled more as the day would go along, and in the mornings it would be better. What made me realize that something was different with the third pregnancy was that I would wake up with the swelling in the mornings all of a sudden just like you said. I delivered okay without any complications at 39 weeks. Then I had a case of postpartum pre-eclampsia, which I don't think is all that common. Most people are okay once they deliver their babies. You may not have anyhting wrong, but I would contact my OB dr. and request a 24 hour urine check. That will show if there is protein in your urine. This is more reliable then just checking to see if your blood pressure is elevated.

One other thing that you said kind of concerns me. You said that you're having trouble breathing when you lay down? As anyone who has ever had a baby knows, it is harder to beath when you're pregnant. But, if it is worse when you lay down, with swelling, and if your short of breath, you maybe should call your dr. There are serious conditions that can cause this. Have you had bad heart palpitations? These are things to be concerned about, but you could just be having the normal symptoms of pregnancy. It's always better to be on the safe side though.

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