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... I'm 35 weeks and just went through this Monday. I had been having menstrual cramps all day and I went to the bathroom and when I wiped I had some pink and red blood on the toilet paper. I freaked out and called the dr. ... (15 replies)
... Okay, maybe I should call the doctor, although I don't think she is in the office right now. Should I be concerned being I am only 35 weeks? ... (15 replies)
... im 35 weeks pregnant and having cramps that feel like menstrual cramps and pains in my lower back. I've also been feeling very tired for a couple of days,loose stools, and the baby isn't moving as much. ... (2 replies)

... I am 35 weeks and I have been feeling very light menstrual type cramps. They don't last long and don't hurt bad but it is uncomfortable. Kind of like the cramps you get in the first Tri. Is this normal? ... (4 replies)
... Lots of babies come at 35 weeks, so don't blow this feeling you have off as nothing. Books don't apply to every situation. Hope your mother is a nurse, too! ... (15 replies)
... This is my first pregnancy. The thing with the menstrual cramps is that the baby hasn't dropped yet and he hasn't turned. So I'm probably not very close to delivery, right? ... (15 replies)
... natal classes I've attended, early signs of labour can feel like menstrual cramps. Don't be alarmed tho as it may be a false alarm. I would definately contact your lead maternity carer and let them know. ... (4 replies)
... as it usually is and I've been having loose bowel movements. Whether or not that has to do with anything, I don't know. They did tell me that if he was born at 35 weeks he would most likely be very healthy. That is very good to know. ... (15 replies)
... Start timing them! Menstrual like cramps is a common way for contractions to be described. I know that's how I described them after my first two children. Good luck and keep us updated. ... (15 replies)
... I just started experiencing menstrual like cramps earlier today. My hip, lower back and my lower abdomen is sore. Its been a while since I had these pains, but it really feels like I'm getting my period. ... (15 replies)
... Loose bowel movements is a sign of pre labor. So isn't cramps as you have described. It doesn't necessarily mean you will give birth tonight, but it is something to watch and you should just get checked out. ... (15 replies)
... I was 39 weeks 4 days when I began having Menstural like cramps. It started in the early afternoon around 3.... ... (15 replies)
... m 35 weeks and I notice that when I stand for not even more than 5 minutes, I get these strong, menstrual like cramps in my lower back. When I sit down they go away completely. Has anyone else experienced this or know what causes it? ... (0 replies)
... I am in Canada, so I believe things are different due to the free health care, which sucks by the way. They want me to go directly to triage in the event of emergency, I do not feel, however, that this is an emergency. I haven't had one of those cramps since 5:30. I will call the doctor tomorrow and let her know everything and get her opinion. (15 replies)
... About a few hours ago I had these really painful menstrual type cramps which caused me to double over because they hurt so bad. Then I felt something drop out of me, like a gush of discharge. ... (7 replies)
... you i have been having contractions.........especially in the evenings.....they feel like severe menstrual cramps....most of the time i feel slightly better when i lie down and drink water. ... (77 replies)
... en she checked it. And we talked about a pediatrician and we looked at the calandar to have hubby and I pick a date for induction. She wants me to be at least 38 weeks but before 39 weeks. ... (240 replies)
... Like all of you i am going through all the discomforts of the last few weeks i am now nearly 35 weeks .......and it was at this stage that my waters broke with DS so i keep thinking thta i may be leaking. ... (77 replies)
... About feeling if you can dialate etc. The only thing is that I have felt menstrual cramps on and off and I think that is just the baby dropping into position. I really don't think that you can feel your cervix dialate atleast I couldn't. ... (512 replies)
... effaced. Since I was only 35 weeks at the time they stopped my labor by giving me 3 shots of terbutaline and 3 bags of liquid through an iv. ... (2 replies)

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