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Hi Hannah, Yes it is very normal to run to the toilet all the time at this early stage. I was forever doing that. Even though you need to pass water frequently, make sure that you drink plenty of water to keep well hydrated - this is very important to both you and your baby. Drinking lots of water can also help with the cramping too. Your cramping sounds like mine - just plain old annoying GAS! I had terrible gas pains during the first trimester, often thinking it was cramping and I was losing the baby! If you eat healthily as I do, you would be wise to cut down on whole wheat and whole grain products. This made a BIG difference to me. My mother suggested it, whereas the obgyn advised cutting out dairy products - my mother was the one who was right! Whole wheat / high fiber foods really bloat you out and can cause excruciating gas pains. I cut out most of these foods but carried on eating whole grain breakfast cereal and I was fine with this. Try to eat six small meals a day too, instead of three and avoid a heavy evening meal. Eat plenty of fruit and veg. Incidentally, I am skinny too, and tall. Best of luck! Try to enjoy your pregnancy - I know it is a worrying time too.

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