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Re: Preeclampisa
Jan 19, 2006
It's funny you mention wondering if you will have more children given the stresses and problems of this pregnancy. I am feeling the same way! Thing is, I have quite a few friends that swear they "just loved" being pregnant. When I ask them what about the pain, the sickness, etc., etc.. They all say, "oh, yeah - I had that, it was horrible". One of my "I loved it" friends had pneumonia twice, severe round ligament pains, and was hospitalized for her asthma at least once per month! She is now TTC their second. So it seems once baby is here with us it is so wonderful and worth it that we will sort of forget all of these things we are going through! I guess nature makes us that way or there really wouldn't be so many people on Earth!

I believe with preeclampsia you have to deliver via c-sec because the stress of bearing down to deliver vaginally could give you a stroke? If you do ask your OB about delivery options with preeclampsia please let me know. I don't have it (knock on wood), but I am curious.

Good luck! It will all be soooo worth it (or so my friends tell me)!

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