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Hi ladies :) Wow so much is going on all at once! I haven't been feeling too hott over here, but I guess that's just part of being 37 weeks pregnant.. I wish I was farther along, I don't know how much more of this I can handle. I think all the problems near the beginning really have thrown me off. I finally lost it a few nites ago and just broke down. I wound up crying for almost 3 hours in bed. I can't sleep anymore, the only sleep I get is a few min during the nite, and naps during the day. But I feel aweful doing that because my husband works all day out in the cold and when he comes home, I want the house to be tidy, have dinner either done, or just coming out of the oven.... I wish I was the perfect wife but oh well I'm just not. Heather, Jess, one of you needs to take over the "cleaning" area of my brain. I used to be such a neat freak, but our house is old and there is so much wrong with it at the moment I feel like whatever I do doesn't get it nice so why should I even bother! Wow, it's nice to vent but I feel like I'm going to have another break down again. Ladies who make it to 40 weeks, I don't know how you do it! I can't do this anymore!! Being pregnant has made my scoliosis so much worse so my back constantly feels like it's going to break.. These stupid irregular contractions are getting on my nerves. I'm getting them so bad I can barely breathe and all I can do is grunt to DH.. But they are "too irregular".. I really really can't do this anymore... I don't know what to do

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