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I am in my fifth week of pregnancy. Until two days ago I had breast tenderness, cramping, pains and aches all around my abdomen, a slight insomnia. Then, two days ago, all of these symptoms disappeared. I am feeling quite fine but I am worried that at first I had so much discomfort and now - none. I did not have any bleeding or spotting or discharge or vomiting. Is it normal?
i would say what you've experienced is ok aslong as theres no bleeding, which you said there hasn't been. Every woman is different and experiences different symptoms.

For me, i didn't have any symptoms at all - apart from a missed period, thats how i knew i was pregnant, but it wasn't until i was 9 weeks pregnant that i started with morning sickness, and that lasted a few weeks, but since 13 weeks i haven't felt a thing, feel perfectly "normal"! i didn't have tender breasts or any other symptoms at all.

in a couple of weeks you may experience sickness (i hope you don't) as your hormone levels will increase.

Hope everything goes well,
Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy
Pregnancy symptoms can fluctuate alot. I wouldn't worry to much.

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