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Well thanks for your reply, i am just a worry wart. Ive only been on the pills a day and i already think there not working. The only reason i think that is because ive heard that Cipro is a fast working pill. So that made me assume that my frequent urge to have to go to the bathroom would of been the first sign gone. It's pretty much the only sign i have of a UTI, except for spotting and mild belly pain, but i dont know if those are even signs! If i started my period around the 1st, that means ovulation would have to occur around the 14th or somewhere in there right?? If so, could i really be having signs of pregnancy THIS early? that would of only been a little over a week now, and the spotting has been there for a while now along with the urge to pee! Another issue im having is ..the urge ive been feeling started around the 16, 17th..and its been almost a week...UTI's clear up fast..wouldnt that be gone by now?? And What do you think about the 99.5 temp? (thats another PG scare for me.)

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